No Breaks Distro Update 8/21/07

Cold Feet RecordsWe just added a few new items to our distro from Cold Feet Records, i’m really excited about having both releases in stock.

First off we got lots of the Steinways debut album, Missed The Boat. The SteinwaysThe Steinways are a group of four individuals who play music on their musical instruments. Formed out of the ashes of The Kevins, Shy Guys, Overlooked, Abducted and several other bands you’ve never heard of, the Steinways have been writing songs about cheeseburgers and performing them in front of disinterested audiences since May of 2003.The Queens, NY based groups first demo, Bear vs. Man, was released in the summer of 2003 and was reviewed favorably (once- by a friend). The band continues to amass fans and garner attention as it travels all the way from the outer reaches of Long Island to the parts of New Jersey that are real close to New York.Their debut album, Missed the Boat, is out now on Cold Feet Records. The band plans to use this release to further their goal of riding the coattails of their somewhat more successful friends. Look out!The Steinways“Missed The Boat”10.00

Secondly we just got our hands on the newly repressed Short Attention 7″. Short AttentionThe first pressing sold out far too quickly, and I have a feeling the 2nd pressing will be just the same.Short Attention, the world’s least recognizable supergroup, features current and former members of The Ergs, The Unlovables, Dirt Bike Annie, The Steinways and The Slaughterhouse Four. Formed in the ’00’s by The Tattle Tales’ frontman Christian Stefos (who left the band to become an astronaut), the band sings 15 second songs about life, love, Aaron Cometbus novels and the menstrual cycle.In 2006, the band recorded it’s first 7″ for Cold Feet Records with legendary homeowner Chris Pierce at his very own Technical Ecstacy Studios in Milltown, New Jersey. It contains roughly 4,000 songs, and lead vocals are split between the five members.Short Attention“Clever, Maddening, Annoying”4.25

The first people to order the Short Attention 7 inch will also receive a copy of the Short Attention zine and a CDR copy of the 7 Inch as well as free shipping.Also please be sure to check out our complete Catalog!