Shop’s Closing At Six: Broken Hearts!

Broken Hearts
Registration starts at 6 at 1111 Teahouse, Race at 7.

We got our first batch of Kazane Track Frames in! We are real stoked on the geometry and workmanship on these frames. Solid! Below is Matt’s new ride.
A women’s track clinic is coming up two weeks after the certification class on the 15th and 16.
Velo BellaTrack Clinic 2008
Skid Row starting an hour earlier than the flyer states. At 6 o’clock!
The Artwork is Gnarly!
Still got quite a few No Brakes x Chuey Brand Caps in stock!
Chuey Brand x No Brakes

In Other News
~HUGE EAI order in the mail… Lots of real rad shit including white Gran Compe Tires
~Big Merry order coming this week as well: Restocking Everwears amongst other things.
~FBM Swords will be in around the end of the month.
~Stay tuned for No Brakes Track Team try outs soon.
~If you are planning to get certified at the track RSVP with Brian Sullivan: [email protected]
~Anyone going up to NYC for Monster Track?

Stop by the No Breaks Updates page and see what Stewarts been up to.

See everyone at Broken Hearts!