Track Season Starts Tuesday!

Festival Of Speed 9.22.07
Read More For Important Info About This Season

First off, here is the 2008 race schedule and fee structure. As one can see there are ALOT of rad regular events planned for racers of all experience levels and strengths! Next, new racer categories have been established. This looks like a very efficient and quantitative means of insuring the most safety, challenge and fun this season. And, last but not least: The Wheel Race Cup also starts this Wednesday. This sounds very interesting for sure! If you are new to the track and have any questions that cannot be answered by diggin around here then simply email Wayne.

If you are brand new to the track and are not racing Wednesday still come out and bring your friends to cheer everyone on!


Highway Two Arrived Today As Well!
Tires, tubes, Saddles!
Obviously we are stocked on Brooks saddles and accessories. Lots of Conti tires, clincher and tubular! Pro Races, Gatorskins, Tempos, Sprinters! We have Brooks toestraps backordered, by the way.

See everyone at the track wednesday!

the above racing photo is courtesy Philip Morrissey and was taken at one of last year’s Festivals’ Of Speed on 9.22.07. More Photos can be found here.