Wednesday Results & Photos Courtesy Calu

The East Point Track Club

Above: Most of the East Point Track Club. These guys will be killing it this weekend at the Festival Of Speed!
Billy 'East Point Outlaw' Santana
We’ll be rooting for the whole team but especially our boy: Billy ‘East Point Outlaw’ Santana!
We finally got a good shot of Billy with his Tiemeyer and the Unicorn ZIPP. Big thanks again to Jonathan of Custom Signs Today for doing such a gnarly job!
Wednesday Night Race
This week’s race photography is courtesy of Calu. They look real rad and give the track a totally different look and feel than the shots I have been taking.
Wednesday Night Race
Once again, another healthy turnout both on the infield and in the stands. Lots of fierce sprints, close finishes and a whopping 50 lap A’s and B’s combined points race to end the evening. The results are here.
Wednesday Night Race
Wednesday Night Race

In Other News

~ We are expecting both huge boxes from Hawley and EAI today!
~ Freeman Transport just got their headbadges rolling! How sick are those? Expect to see a Freeman frame in the shop asap!
~ Get this: Think Atlanta is brutal for cyclists? Some asshole in Australia took out 50 cyclists! A country in which bicycles outsell cars! WTF? Read more
~ Lastly, a note from Wayne on registration worries for the Festival Of Speed.

See Everyone At The Shop Or At The Track!

Wednesday Night Race