Bootleg Sessions II, FM Bday & Sprints!

Bootleg Sessions II

As one can tell by the cover: this latest Bootleg Sessions DVD is taking it up a notch, for sure. The gnarly photo of Sam Miller doing wall ride on a track bike was taken by Sam Adams. We will have these in shop real soon! Check out the trailer:

“Bootleg Sessions v.2” Fixed Gear DVD Trailer from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.

On May 31st Faster Mustache turns three years old!
FM 3 Yr. Party
The ‘Gold Sprints’ are gonna be a highlight for sure! See everyone there! Wait, speaking of sprints!
Friday Night Sprints 2008
Steve Hill’s Friday Sprints start the night before!

In Other News

~We didn’t make it out to the track last night but here are the results.
~Thanks Graham for the Shout Out about his most recent build.
~Which made it onto HK Fixed!

Check out the events! There is a ton of stuff going on this month!