COG, Chrome and Ria’s!

COG # 3 en route!

No Brakes will receive 50 copies. Cog Mag is available free with purchase! Cred for photo above goes to Pete.
Chrome Aces
We will be stocking the Chrome Aces playing card decks soon as well! as quoted from Chrome’s site:

CHROME Aces is a benefit project supporting local Bicycle Messenger Associations from four cities: SF, NYC, Portland and Chicago. Funds raised provide assistance to messengers who are injured on the job. Pick up a deck and support a fallen messenger. And please watch out for bikers! All proceeds go directly back to the courier community via local Bicycle Messenger Associations as well as the international Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund. Key Players that aided in the success of Chrome Aces: Squid/NY, Billy/SF, Augie/Chicago, and Casy/Portland. Photographers that made it happen: NY ­ Amy Bolger, SF ­ Beryl Fine, Chicago ­ Christopher Dilts, Portland ­ Hazel Gross. Many thanks to everyone who participated and supported this project.

Stop by and pick both of ’em up next week!

In Other News:
Ria's Bluebird
I, Twotone, recently began working brunch Friday through Monday at Ria’s Bluebird. Stop by, eat some excellent food and say hello!

See everyone at the track tomorrow night!