OCF, Freeman Transport & Yard Sale


Above: a flyer for an event Ocean Cycle Factory is supporting. OCF also recently showed big support for Tim & STREETLOCAL! We will keep everyone posted about any Ocean updates!
Speaking of cycle factories
The guys over at Freeman Transport look like they are putting on the finishing touches!
Stay tuned for an ETA on these frames!
We finally have a solid selection of Oury’s to match our Champs!
Pick yr Poison!
Tomorrow at Park Grounds:
Yard Sale

In Other News:

~ Got a bike Bike Tattoo?
~ Wednesday nights Results!
~ A custom handmade Costello frame graced the free market for a meager two hours before Oman put a deposit down. Just wait until you see pictures of this beast!
~ We have a 57 Swobo Sanchez Complete in stock!
~ More Freight Baggage and Fabric Horse is on the way!

Seriously! Look at all of those damn events! Bike Month For Sure!