Bos v Hoy

Spin like Bos & Hoy at Atlanta’s first Goldsprint Competition!



Faster Mustache, NoBrakes, and Kazane Racing present: GOLDSPRINTS!

Super Speedy Stationary Sprinting On-Stage Inside a Bar!

May 31st @ Lenny’s, in conjunction with the Faster Mustache 3 Year Anniversary Party.

Prizes include a BRAND NEW KAZANE TRACK FRAME and other great prizes!

Ladies get a helping hand with a scientifically calibrated handicap!

~Registration opens at 4:30 at Lenny’s.

~Registration closes at 5:30.

~Racing starts at 6pm with heats all night long.

Single elimination, last-man-standing format.

Party and Race for $15 ($10 for party admission, $5 to race). $5 off if you have a mustache!

Sponsored by:
Kazane Racing (
No Brakes (
55 Nine Performance (
Gear Revival (
Faster Mustache (
Sopo Bicycles (

FM Discussion:


Faster Mustache 3 year Birthday Party and Race Team Fund Raiser – Discussion

‘Bos v Hoy’ Photo Courtesy: John The Scone

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