FM Goldsprints Recap & Photos!


DIG! DIG! DIG! Ben Brian captured with this photo of me, twotone, whispering words of wisdom into Billy “East Point Outlaw” Santana’s ear the full tilt white knuckled insanity that flooded Lenny’s Saturday night. Faster Mustache’s three year birthday party was a swirling, spinning & screaming grudge match of cadence, dedication and decibels.
Picture 5
Here is the same moment yet caught through Chris Kelly’s lens. Billy managed to spin his way to the top by clinching several obscenely entertaining and vocal cord ravaging matches. He ultimately earned the Kazane steel track frame that was on the line.
Click here to view more pictures from both photographers. Congratulations Billy!
Picture 6
No Brakes’ very own Skip kept it real and competed with his Freight Baggage backpack on. The photo directly below is courtesy Timothy J.
Sprint! you fucker!
The crowd, in case its not gut wrenchingly clear, was deeply involved in motivating each racer.
Picture 2
Skate Escape’s and friend of the shop: Kashif burned it up to win a sprint for best mustache. He received both an FM wool jersey and a Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes DVD.
The hands down most brutal and intense sprinter of the night came way outta left field: Kyle from Ink and Dagger Tattoo.
Picture 12
He worked the crowd like no other and screamed like a god damn viking when we was crushing his opponents.
Picture 11
I mean look at how mesmerized the crowd is! Justin is like: whuh!? Kyle is totally killing it!
Picture 9
Congrats Kyle on a solid effort! Bring your native american ass down to East Point and crush em’ on the track!
Picture 13
FM’s Kurt and yours truly have had an ongoing rivalry since we tied last year’s Track Omnium. Well, we settled the score! Kurt advanced to the final round with a .03 second victory!
Picture 8
This is me bewildered and and maxed out.
Picture 3
No Brakes would like to say we had a blast and were excited to support this event! We would like to extend a very special thanks to Stratton at Keirin Culture for his support with this event! Also won was a Kazane to Deep V wheelset. They were up for grabs in a fundraising auction to benefit the FM racing team. Gwyn won ’em and we’ll be seeing them rolling down on the track and around town. We here at the shop are looking forward to the next Goldsprints event! How about no fork mounts!?

In Other News:

~ Yet another mind melting measure of motorist madness in Mexico
~ Brooks! We still need Brooks photos submitted! Stay tuned for Brooks Day at the shop!
~ WonderRoot threw a race the same night as the Goldsprints, the Wondercat. Photos are here.
~ Big Thanks to Paul for the shout out in his blog!
~ Here is an entertaining write up of the Goldsprints by Kurt on FM’s Site. It includes a video of the winning sprint!

We’ll see everyone at the track tomorrow night for wednesday night racing!