Costello, Bootleg, Velocity and Fixed Mag


Bobby is at it again! There are three of his current projects hovering around his head like an intergalactic eighties throwback. Speaking of throwbacks….
Oman built up the latest Costello frame to hit the streets. FACT: that cosmic character above not only built but painted this stellar steed. Oman is throwin it back to homeboy with the IRAK trispoke application. The build looks real good.
Oman's Costello
the best part of the build? Beyond the Italian componentry and mind bending fading and color changing metal flake? The well worn and royal Brooks professional.
And the best part of receiving Velocity orders? Taking cute pictures of Delilah:
Some recent arrivals include: The Chrome Aces playing cards, Bootleg Sessions II, VeloCity T and a Monstertrack T. Look for the VeloCity tour in Atlanta in ’09!


Just Arrived
We still have a handful of COG‘s available for free with any purchase. Looks like there is another fine publication in the works. We’ll certainly have a stack of FIXED MAG once it hits newstands.
Ever wonder why you are so damn slow on your bike? Smoking the wrong cigarettes? camel track ad
Found that gem on our bud Stevil’s
On that note: notice the vintage Hess Dogs 66SICK race T Austin ‘Crazylegs’ Crenshaw is sporting? Any memories of that race, those before it or any since?…. (that’s a hint)

In Other News

~Thanks Crazylegs Crenshawfor the shout in his write up of last week’s Goldsprints!
~Speaking of Crenshaw: those crazy legs cleaned up in the B’s this week. Results here.
~After a brief and well earned vacation Skip is back on deck for wheelbulding. If you’re in the queue, expect to hear from him soon!
~Look out for Cinelli, Debernardi, EAI Bareknuckles and more in the shop real soon!.
~The 7.6.8 Flyer is right around the corner!
~We are proud to announce Terrapin Beer as a sponsor of the event as well!
~If you or your business is interested in helping us celebrate our first year, give us a shout!

There’s another week full of events at the track this week and if you’re in Canada: Have fun at World’s!