Our 100th Post! BDB and Donnie’s Sword

Box Dog Bikes
Donnie's Sword!

While in San Francisco Stacey and I visited our friends at Box Dog Bikes, right off of Valencia on 14th St.
Box Dog Bikes
These guys have been in business for about three years and all the hard work shows! What a solid shop!
Stocking all the necessities and beyond!
I would like to personally thank Gabe, pictured far right above, for his help with my loaner bike, I was borrowing from my friend MK, current Oakland resident and former Chicago Couriers Union organizer. I did not have the time to take advantage of their DIY stand and the bike was suffering some brake and derailleur (yeah, you read right) problems and he helped me out swiftly while Stacey and I grabbed a beer and burger at Zeitgeist. Thank you very much Gabe! P.s. Andy, sorry we missed you!
No Bikes? No Dogs?
Whuh? No Bikes? No Dogs? What about Boxes? Wait, what about California’s gas prices?
Get ready to pay up Atlanta! Don’t expect these prices to go down till the presidential election. Its about time to pass on gas! How about ridin in style like this:
Donnie's Sword
The latest NB complete is rolling up in Tennesee! Peek Donnie’s new Sword! A classy mix of track and bmx heritage. There is so much going on with this bike! I mean, check out that chainring!
Thank you Donnie! Stop by when you are in town next!

In Other News

~News to us: we’re on a locally produced custom bag.
~We are now an official Cane Creek dealer! Look out for a pair of these in the shop real soon!
~Help save one Canada’s great tracks, the Greater Victoria Velodrome!
~Keep you calendar marked! 7.6.8 is right around the corner! Stay tuned for the flyer!

See everyone at the track tomorrow and Wednesday!