~ 7.6.8 ~


We are throwing our Year Anniversary Race. This race is as much about where we have been as where we are going so don’t be surprised by a bit of Deja Vu. Riders of any type on any type of bike are welcome, but of course it won’t hurt our feelings if you come out riding no brakes. The afterparty is taking place at Lamplighter Cafe with drink specials provided by the brewers of my personal favorite Beer (the rye pale ale). As always racers should come prepared with the usual tools of the trade as well as a couple of extra bucks if not for an extra souvenir during the race than at least for beer at the end.

Sponsors include:

    Even More Sponsors On The Way!

    Remember: All Bicycle types allowed

    *brakes, no brakes, gears, no gears. Pick Your Poison*

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