Kazane, FBM, Cane Creek & Chuey Brand!


We just received a shipment of Kazane hubs and anodized gold cogs and lockrings. Be on the lookout for the next run of Kazane frames in new colorways! Jeff Hopkins just did a review on the frame on Fixed Gear Fever
The sponsorship packages from FBM, Cane Creek and Chuey just arrived! Thank you guys for the support! The prizes keep piling up! 7.6.8 is going to be huge!
Above: Costello doin some standard track bike tricks on a trials bike. Pretty funny stuff.

In Other News

~ Thank you for Profile Fixed for the shout out!
~ We’ve been slacking on velodrome wedesday night race results updates!
~ Expect Planet X track frames in the shop soon!

See everyone at the Festival Of Speed!