A Velodrome in South Carolina?

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(quoted email)

Excuse the interruption, but I have some urgent news: I am co-founder of the Carolina Velodrome Association (CVA), and we have successfully engaged the City of Rock Hill regarding a 250m, concrete velodrome project as part of Rock Hill’s sports tourism strategic plan. For almost six years, we have pursued various avenues, while meeting with City Council and members of the Rock Hill sports tourism group. Earlier this year, we were presented with an opportunity to place the velodrome in the center of a 100 acre, mixed use development (think Birkdale, but twice as big). The developer has already donated the land and presented his support to the City Council. We have raised $500,000 and have the full support from USA Cycling. All the economic impact studies have been done, everything is set.

We are asking the City of Rock Hill to pay for construction costs, and the CVA would jointly operate the velodrome with the city. This proposal has support from the City, although the Council members expressed a strong need to hear from the various constituencies that would use the velodrome. That is where I need your help.

I need you and people in your sphere of influence to email (or call or write) the Rock Hill City Council members and express your support for the velodrome. I am attaching a sample email/letter and full contact info for the City Council and Mayor. Here is the kicker: our voices need to be heard by the end of July. This means we need your support right now. Please take a moment and help us secure the only world class velodrome in the southeast and a true asset for the Carolinas cycling community.

Please forward to others that can help us make the desired impact with City Council.

Thank you,

Spencer Lueders
spencer at carolinavelodrome dot org

(simply cut and paste the following letter)




Re: Proposed Multi-Use Velodrome

Honorable Mayor and Distinguished City Council:

My name is ___________________________, and I am a member of [INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME] [alternative: “the local cycling community”]. I am writing to express my support for the proposed velodrome project that was recently presented by City Manager, Carey Smith, and members of the Carolina Velodrome Association.

Without a doubt, the velodrome will serve as a hub for cycling in Rock Hill and the Carolinas. The velodrome and adjoining planned paths and trails will connect the community and highlight Rock Hill’s strategic vision of health, wellness, and a leader in sports tourism. I urge you to approve this unique and desirable asset as the next sports tourism venue in Rock Hill.

Best regards,


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