THIS WEEKEND! The 4th Annual FM•24•08!


All racers must be onsite and checked in by 11:00am Saturday. If your entire team is not present, make sure someone on your team has checked in. No one can begin a lap without checking in and turning in a signed waiver. Waivers will be available on site for you to fill out and turn in. Onsite/day-of registration will also close at 11:00am.

You must be fully paid before the race starts, no exceptions!!

There will be a no-drop neutral (parade) lap at 9:00am. This lap will follow the recommended route and inform riders (especially out-of-towners) of the checkpoint and RFID reader locations. This will also be a good time to get your final questions answered.

The race will start promptly at 12:00pm Saturday, September 7 and all first lap times will begin at 12:00pm.

The race will end promptly at 12:00pm Sunday, September 8. You must finish your last lap before 12:00pm for it to count.

Johnny’s, our gracious host, reserves the right to kick anyone out of the restaurant, off the property, and out of the race for any reason, no questions asked. With this in mind, please be courteous, respectful, and tip your servers.

Johnny’s parking lot (adjacent to the restaurant) is available for our use during the race. Please feel free to set up camp, your mechanic’s stand, or your trainer, but DON’T PARK YOUR CAR HERE. You will be sharing the space with various other vendors, parties, people, so have fun and make some friends.

There is NO PARKING ALLOWED in the Johnny’s parking lot or anywhere on Highland Ave in the highland business district. Parking is available in the “Johnny’s Gravel Lot”, located on Sampson St. just North of John Wesley Dobbs (look for the gravel drive and Budget Rental Trucks) (see attached map).

All race participants will be issued a wrist band. After Johnny’s closes for business (around 2:30am Saturday night/Sunday morning), you will be required to have this wrist band to enter Johnny’s or the back patio. The front door to Johnny’s may be locked during this time so please access the restaurant via the back parking lot/back patio.

Lap Tracking: Our lap tracking system uses RFID cards assigned to each team. The RFID card is your team’s for the race. It has a small hole in it but you may not put any additional holes in it. Staples/clamps/etc will break your card and you will have to buy a new one from us for $5. We recommend a string, ID-badge holder, etc, for carrying it around. You will also need to buy a new card if you loose yours!

Every lap must begin by swiping the “START” reader with your RFID card. You must swipe at the reader at each checkpoint, and every lap must end by swiping the “FINISH” reader. If you are riding multiple consecutive laps, you should swipe “END” at the end of your lap, then swipe “START”, and then head back out onto the course. A LED on the reader will turn on when it records your swipe, and only one card may be swiped at a time.

After taking a few minutes to cool down (Solo riders excluded), you must stop by the registration table to let us know what person on your team just completed a lap and “verify” your lap. This is when you will get your official lap time! We will do our best to keep solo riders informed of their times. If you are not a solo rider and you don’t verify your lap, it won’t count!

RFID readers will be clearly marked on buildings. They will all be on an exterior window of the building on a street that faces the official route. If you can see the front door of the building from the route, you should be able to see the reader from where you are standing. (likely a big white X on the window, we’ll know on Saturday)

You can track the race in realtime in your web browser or in Google Earth via . If you have a cell phone with internet, a cell phone friendly version is at .

Mission Critical: All race teams will be tasked with completing a mission during the race. After the race begins you will be issued a mission statement that will provide all the necessary information to complete the mission. Look out for this mission statement and don’t even think about skipping it!

Safety: All race participants will be required to ride with a helmet, bell, and (at night) front and rear visibility lights. No race is more important than your well being so help us by helping yourself to some responsible riding! Also, all traffic laws must be observed during the race. Faster Mustache, Johnny’s, and the organizers of this race take no responsibility for your dissobediance to the law.

More info on eating, drinking, and enjoying yourself during the race:

Johnny’s and Terrapin Beer are offering up $7.50 buckets of Terrapin (5 Bottles) during the race.

Johnny’s is keeping the kitchen open for us! After closing, they will continue to serve up slices and whole pizza pies, as well as cookies, chips, and deserts. After closing and until morning they are also brewing coffee: 50 cents/cup, 25 cents/refill.

While eating inside Johnny’s, you are a regular customer. Find a table, place an order, enjoy. While eating outside Johnny’s or on the back patio, you must place your order “to-go” at the register. This means you order, pay, and pick up your food at the register. This also means you need to help clean up after yourself!

Two porta-poties will be provided during race hours. Please use these in favor of Johnny’s restrooms when possible.

Elliott St. Pub (last check point on the route) is partying all night in honor of our race. They are serving up pulled pork barbeque, deli sandwiches, and drink specials. Please enjoy and say hi to Mike!

Lastly, ride hard and have fun!!

– Faster Mustache

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