Bike Stolen In East Atlanta!

Last night, My black Peugeot was stolen in East ATL. from the bike rack outside of the Earl. The cable lock was cut in after leaving it for about an hour. Lock yer bike to a pole in front of wherever you are kickin’ it. Be it The Earl, East Side Lounge, etc so this doesn’t happen to you, especially if you love your ride, put time/ effort, and use it everyday. It has black wheels w/ a machined rim and black spokes, a honey brooks saddle and honey grips to match. If you see some shitbag riding it, or can lead me to its whereabouts, i will give a cash reward, swimming lessons, tai chi sessions, or whatever you want/ i’ll owe you. East Atl peeps please keep yer eyes peeled and guns cocked. Thanks and call me if you see, hear, smell, or touch anything. Now I know how Pee Wee felt. FRANCIS!!!!…..

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