H Plus Son, Gran Compe & Gobstoppers

First H Plus Son, Phil Wood, gran compe tires
Skip just laced up the first H Plus Son rim to roll on out Atlanta’s streets. We have H Plus Son rims available on our webstore.
We received pairs of Gran Compe tires in pink, green and orange as well.

Fyxomatosis’ Track Chainrings
The 'everlasting gobstopper' of chainrings. Fyxomatosis
The ‘everlasting gobstopper’ of chainrings.
According to TC over at Fyxomatosis: “You’ll need only one – for every bike.”

• All 4mm plate.
• Australian made.
• All 144BCD – 1/8th
• Tested on couriers and track animals.
• A 12 month ‘Kill me if you can’* warranty.

We’ll be grabbing a run of these to put ’em to the test. If you can’t wait: seize a ring here.

In Other News:

• Big Thanks to Simon over at Hipster Nascar for the cutting edge addition!
• Thank you for the kind words Stratton! ¡ Mi casa es su casa hombre!
• Check out the Mash site, if you haven’t recently. The link page is extensive to say the least!
• Also, a thank you to Brian over at HKfixed for the recent highlight of Jud’s Vanilla!
• Stay on the look out for the return of the Suzue Pro Max ‘Disc’ Hub!

See everyone at the Halloween Race and the track work day in the morning next weekend!