Aerospoke, Costello, Rourke & DAMN! Its Cold!

Aerospokes are in!

Got a handful of aerospokes in this week
Get em while they are hot and let us know by Sunday to secure your Aerospoke special order on our next run.
Costello Custom Frame
Pictured above is the latest Costello custom track frame. Its currently outfitted with a 3Rensho fork and some real gnarly Cinelli Angel Pursuit Bars. This frame is not for sale. But. If you want one like it built, painted like it, your frame repaired… You name it & Costello will hook it up! Email him directly @ Costello[at]
Brian Rourke Track Frame
A customer stopped by with his vintage Brian Rourcke. More Pictures can be found here.

In Other News

• Trying to get an H Plus Son rim?

We are placing an order early next week and we advise putting in a deposit for not only a discounted price but to secure your preferred rim choice.

• More Chuey Caps ( & winter ones too!) are on the horizon

• We’re stocking lots of cold weather gear and will be ordering more soon

•  Shhh… An elite very limited run of overpriced Nobrakes shirts are in the works…

• If anyone is down to ride to the track Saturday morning email:


We’ll see everyone at the Halloween Race tomorrow and the track workday on Saturday!