Chub Hub, Chuey Brand & Cha-Ching!

CHUB HUB is in stock!

We just got our first box of Chub hubs in today. These things are gnarly! So large yet so light. Can’t wait to see ’em laced up. Did i hear H Plus Son?
Latest Shipment Of Chuey Brand Caps!
We also just received our latest batch of Chuey Caps. He’s released a new style: the freshie. Its a three panel cap that also has a larger bill than most Chuey Brand caps. We’ll post individual photos of these fresh lids soon. We also have four winter hats with the ever more vital ear flap in stock!
Winter Chuey Brand Caps
Stash Futurama Colnago La Carerra
Cha-Ching! Think we’re overpriced? Get real and get a loada’ this. Thanks to Cyling WMD for the scoop!

In Other News:

~ Keirin Culture makes its Bike Snob Debut. (Billy, were these the kind of roller parties you had in mind?)
~ Simon over at Hipster Nascar found some stellar photography at the recent track World Cup at Manchester Velodrome
~ Our friends over at Alta Language Services just posted an interesting article on Japanese Keirin Racing.
~ Apparently, Dick Lane Velodrome will be repping at the Enviro Expo this weekend! Awesome!

Well, we hooked the TV back up in the shop and have Smokey and the Bandit I, II & II on loop!