H Plus Son, Brooks & Fabric Horse

H Plus Son, Brooks & Fabric Horse Orders

From England, From China
We just received quite a few Brooks goods. The B17 Champion now includes a saddle cover & a tension wrench! We also got our first big order from H Plus Son in. These rims are gnarly. We’re pretty much all asking Skip lace us up a set. How classy are the individual rim covers?
FH Ulock Holsters, Brooks Tool Pouch, Brooks Clips & Straps
Restocked on Fabric Horse U-lock holsters. They’re coming in as many colors as ever and now some larger sizes to accommodate slightly larger locks. We ordered a Brooks Tool pouch, as well as Brooks Clips and Straps.
Brooks Tools
The tools included within the Brooks kit are so nice! We love this shit!
Real Tree Half Belt, Navy Blue Superhero & Black 59 Fanny
You know your bag is making your back sweat, making you cold as hell. Grab a Fabric Horse belt and leave the bag at home occasionally!

In Other News

• We’re ordering two Debernardi track framesets tommorrow. You heard right. They’re finally back and still Italian, still lugged & still Columbus Thron butted tubes
• We swear our pending Freight Baggage order will arrive soon!
• We’re still working on the online store. Sign up for the newsletter for the heads up on any specials.
• We’ll be grabbing some goods from Swobo soon too.

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