Support Your Local Fyx!

We know a little something about keeping one’s nose to the grind…

..stone, well, bench grinder in this case.

Our friend, TC certainly knows what it takes to hypnotize his opponents!
Thank you to Fyxomatosis for the nod and our shirts! Perhaps we’ll meet again in Japan.

We still have some gobstoppers in stock, in both the hypnotic and brushed varieties.

In Other News:

  • There’s alotta action brewing on the near horizion:
    • Member’s of the NB crew, Peachtree Bikes, Moto Bravo, Ink & Dagger and more will be rolling down the Silver Comet and beyond for a randonneuring & camping voyage this weekend.
    • Next weekend is the Athens Pentathlon
    • After that is Pensacoloa’s BEACHcat II
  • We’ve got loads of goods in the mail from EAI and Merry Sales. Stay tuned for photos and webstore additions on our Twitter
  • We’re restocking on Kazane cranks, hubs, cogs and lockrings after an extended dry spell!

Last note: if you’re looking for a smokin deal on a size 53 2008 Dolan Arc | Drop us a line!