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No Brakes Interview

No Brakes has been fortunate to have been holding steady the past few months thanks to loyal customers both new and old despite the bleak economic prospects looming over our city, nation & planet. In an otherwise slow season for sales and press that most bike shops share, we have had the recent honor of being featured in three fine online publications: The Track Bike Times, XTM Online & Commuter Culture Mag.

Track Bike Times

Nik and Matt started Track Bike Times to “document the life and times of track bike riders using video, photography and interviews.” To that end they have produced some of the finest videos being hand off around all the blogs we read. Thank guys again for the press & support! To read to rest of our interview with Nik and Matt, go here

XTM Online No Brakes Interview

XTM Online is not only the go to site for Fashion, Music and Culture in Atlanta and beyond but XTM also plays an important role in the community with the COLUMBUS H. HARTWELL – YOUNG VISIONARY SCHOLARSHIP AWARD and by volunteering at the Trinity House. Franco, XTM’s editor, approached us about doing an interview for the site and we were stoked! Franco sat down with Justin recently and got an insight into a “little history behind No Brakes and Atlanta’s fixed gear culture.” To read the rest of this interview, go here. Thank you again Franco!

Commuter Mag No Brakes Interview

Mick, a friend and co-worker of our friends over at Custom Signs Today, runs a site called Commuter Culture. The site showcases “people and communities with a unique way of doing what we all deal with everyday: commuting. Whether that manifests itself with customized surfer vans, a world-class bicycle culture, or national ridership trends on rail lines” Commuter Culture’s got it covered! Justin & Skip shared a few brews with Mick last week for a feature in the cycles column. To read the rest of the interview, go here. Thank you again Mick for the support and exposure!

Take the time to check out what these sites have to offer and definitely bookmark ’em!

Don’t forget: this Saturday is a workday down at the track!

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