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Team Beer’d Chicago

“Now there are only five of us. Atlanta is kicking our ass.”    -Coyote of Team Beer’d

Team Beer’d member Coyote has a riveting account of their crew’s culture shocked descent into the Dirty South.  It’s for sure worth a read and their site has links to numerous flickr sets. It was nice to meet you guys. We’ll say hello next time we’re in Chi-Town.

For a local race recap and even more photos links head over to the SOPO blog.

Stacey Twotone Bilenky Tandem Broken Hearts Alleycat V 2009 | No Brakes Atlanta

Apparently, Stacey and I won the freak bike award. Stephen Bilenky would be pissed! Hahaha. We were fucking bending it on that beast! Pure power splitting lanes at 30mph down Marietta. Pretty dumb considering the one of a kind work of art freak bike we were laying on the line.  Blasting an alleycat on a touring tandem was worth it.  I think we came in 15 overall? Not sure because the tattoo bonus wasn’t really a bonus. I wonder if there is a guide to properly implementing tattoo stops in an alleycat? Anyway, we’re still waiting on our prize!

Broken Hearts is a solid race that truly anyone can participate in and it has become (and hopefully will remain) an annual staple of the bike scene here in Atlanta.

Thank you SOPO crew for another fun race!

Photos courtesy: Alan Friedman, Coyote DeGroot & SopoFaceman

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