The ‘new’ Vittoria 1976 & Torelli Corsa Pista

Vittoria 1976 Shoes Reissue
Damn! These shoes are rad!

Vittoria has decided to reissue a range of classic shoes from the 70’s outfitted with SPD compatibility and soles that won’t break your stride.
We had heard about these things being released and looks like our favorite snob got a first chance to demo pair!
Vittoria 1976 Reissue Shoes
Shout out to our friends over at Cambridge Bicycle for heads up. The U.S. Vittoria shoe distributor is Torelli Imports. And what a coincidence, We were already lining up our Torelli account! Let us know if you dig the shoes or the frames!
Torelli Corsa Pista
p.s. Vittoria makes come killer track shoes too.