FINALLY!Cinelli Makes Its Way To No Brakes!…Now Taking Pre-Orders!

Cinelli at No Brakes Bikes Atlanta

Pictured above: Mr. Antonio Colombo, the owner of Cinelli.

…As soon to be Atlanta’s only Cinelli dealer, We’re smiling too! : )

We’re placing our first order this Monday! Below are some of the stellar Cinelli goods we’ll soon be stocking.

We are currently taking deposits on pre-orders.

Email orders[at] form more info.

We’re very excited to finally be getting the Cinelli MASH frame in the shop! This frame is spec’d right, styled right and especially priced right. Such a solid machine!
Watch the video above for some gnarly footage of the MASH crew crushing the Tour of California route on Cinellis. I advise turning up your volume.
If that doesn’t get you stoked, I dunno what to tell you.
We can’t wait to build up a bangin’ show bike for the window at the shop, hell, build up a bangin’ show bike for the first person call dibs on the 55cm we have on the way!Email orders[at] to secure your new bike! More Cinelli MASH info here.Cinelli x MASH SF @ No Brakes Atlanta

What else can be said about the Cinelli Vigorelli? It does exactly what you want it to on and off the track. This beast is equally suited for deep drops on 200m hammerfest sprints & grueling 40 lap points races down at Dick Lane as it is to be set up with risers going trick track like Kanye riding in style down Peachtree 7 days a week. Seriously. This bike jams, hands down. Geometry for the MASH & Vigorelli is here.

Cinelli Vigorelli @ No Brakes Bikes Atlanta

The Supercorsa Pista and Superpista.

These frames simply set the bar. This is exactly what made Cinelli so legendary:  some of the most refined specimens of lugged Columbus steel ever built. Geometry can be found here.

Supercorsa Pista

A Cinelli for the masses. The Gazzetta. This bike is not due until early 2010. We’ll continue to post details as we get em.
The real key here is: Classic track geometry on a Columbus tubed frame at a bargain price. All other bikes at this price point are slack angled road frames with track drop outs.
Really looking forward to stocking all four colors.

Cinelli Gazzetta | Coming Early 2010!

The Mystic Rats. No clue where the name comes from or what it means other than its Cinelli’s only complete in their lineup for the USA in 2010.
Looks real clean. REAL CLEAN. So fresh and so clean. So clean you will be cleaning it often to maintain its clean pristine appearance.
Its been around in Europe for some time. See on Cinelli’s site.
This also is not due to arrive until 2010.

Mystic Rats | Coming Early 2010

The Xperience. You thought we’d skip the road frames, didn’t you? Well, Cinelli produces some serious pro shit. The Xperience is the most affordable of the lot and still a sure footed step in your transition from slow to pro for road racing. We are a full service bike shop after all and would be elated to tune up your new Cinelli road rig for some mountainous epic ascents or blazing criterium corner carving.

If you’re into gears and brakes, that is.


Here are some highlights from the forthcoming 2010 Cinelli catalogue:

Cinelli Bars & Stems
Cinelli Bartape
Cinelli Saddles & Schwag

Check out the full catalogue:


Remember, we’re placing our order Monday the 14th!

Email [email protected] pre-order deals!

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