This Week’s Racing Results


Pictured above, Team No Brakes x Hess Dogs rider Skip Town. Who earned first overall last night in the ‘Competitive’ Division.

The Results for this week’s races are posted here.
Rookie League
The field was full on Tuesday. A ton of recently certified racers came out to improve their skills!
Beginners Races
Austin (above on the Pista Concept) came out on top overall. If anyone has more racing pictures email them to us!

In Other News:

~More Kazane Frames are on their way. Along with hubs and cranks!
~Just like Skip’s pictured above but blue and threadless, Debernardi’s are back in production and we will be getting some soon as well! Let us know if you are interested!
~Our friend Kyle was recently injured in a serious accident in Thailand. We will be getting a care package together to mail to him soon. Let

On a final off topic note:
If you lock up downtown around Georgia State: Twotone’s lock was recently cut because he was locked to a trashcan by campus staff. A trusty spot to lock for three years running no less! Skip saw Twotone’s bike being toted off and intervened. So watch out!