Pre-NACCC Atlanta GoldSprints ~ Round 1

The first of a series events to benefit the upcoming North American Cycle Courier Championship to be hosted here in Atlanta in October, 2010 went down this past Saturday night at The Highlander.

Billy Santana maintained his title belt as Gold Sprint Champion. Many stepped up to the Kreitler equipped rig to test their cadence caliber for the first time, like my bud Naoya. He captured this brutal video of my blasting my AHTBM cap right off.

Kareem of Death Pedal was also in attendance. Look out for the world premier of his latest film at NAHBS.

Thank you Matt, Chicken, Dean, Bobo & Michael for putting on such a bar setting first pre-NACCC event!

I personally arrive a bit late this time and undoubtedly missed a substantial set of sprints but my (and your) next chance to SPIN will be in March at Graveyard Tavern. Skip of No Brakes skipped out prior to our match, you owe me one buddy.

Before the next GoldSprint tournament will be the 2nd Annual Black History Alleycat and in April, an April Fool’s Race! All to raise funds for NACCC ATL. Flyers forthcoming and will be posted on

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