San Francisco | Day 3

Cable car ride to the bike rental

We woke up hella early and caught the trolley straight to Bike and Roll. for, what we knew would be, an EPIC journey north to Muir Woods.

En Route #fb

It started pretty chill. We took in the views as we made our way to the bridge. I stopped like 4 times to lower my seat. I was missing my Brooks swift badly. We were on some sweet Trek road bikes equipped with 105, Ultegra & Tiagra mixed groups. Triple cranksets. Yeah, we would need those.

Making our way.

This is me likely about half way there. We took a S T E E P route in through Saulsalito. I will post to the route soon if I can. Locals’ll laugh for sure. We cut our way through neighborhoods to Shoreline to Muir Woods road. One street was call ‘Rising Road’. Yeah, no shit!

Made it!

Alot of the really good shots are all on my camera but rest assured there are some real rad photos coming soon of the ride there and back. The descent into Muir Woods was one of the most intense descents I have ever done. Next to barreling down the Pyrenees’ on a fully loaded tandem. Below is a shot of Philipp once we finally made it. Talk about stoked!

Made it!

Muir Woods was absolutely awe inspiring. This was Philipp’s first time seeing Red Wood trees. Cathedral Grove was amazing. there were hardly any people there and all you could do was take it all in silently breathing the wonderful forest air. Well, after some food and a short stroll, we got back on the bikes and climbed back towards SF on Shoreline/ HWY 1. This allowed us to avoid climbing Muir Woods road.

Muir Woods


We met up with Chuey of Chuey Brand back at Zeitgeist for a few brews and to catch up. I love Chuey and his hats. We first met here in SF back at NACCCs 2007 and I have like 10 of his caps. Look out for a Twotone x Chuey project on the horizon! We dipped from Zeitgeist around the corner to visit our friends Mission Workshop one more time. More about that soon!

Heading to Mojo tomorrow.

We also met John of Mojo Bicycle Cafe at Zeitgeist. Philipp talked beer brewing with him & Chuey. Chuey has been spending alot of time brewing recently. I can’t wait to try one. We will be stopping by Mojo and Push Bike later today.

Back at the hostel. Put these treks trough the ringer!

Yesterday ended with us collapsing back at the hostel after some Prohibition beer & Indian food. Today is our last day in town. We’ll likely take it easy but still hope to see alot more of SF.