Missing Out &
Making It Happen

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If you don’t pay attention to Jeff’s pre-race instructions you might miss out.
I made this FAIL last week and my attempt at the Win & Out was, yep, a FAIL.
Whereas last week was about not Not Getting Last Place,
this week was about making it happen.
It started with a new bike:

New Bike Day

Stafford’s first night out on his new Kazane was also his best yet.
He made the savvy switch from alloy to double butted 4130 cromoly and is stoked.
The very first B race, the 8 lap scratch, ended in a sprint between Jarek & Stafford.
Stafford placed 2nd in the sprint and earned 3rd overall for the evening.


Tonight was Madison night, Billy & Travis won the race.
I politely declined offers to race and continued my procrastination of getting the hang of slinging.
Instead, I spent some time talking to Heath, a photographer for Atlanta Magazine.
Atlanta Magazine has an upcoming article on Dick Lane Velodrome!
Below is Billy Santana in a post Madison sling sprint.


The highlights for me personally were the Miss & Out and the Tempo.
This is where both the missing out and making it happen mattered to me.
This week is SpeedWeek, which thinned the A category.
Many of the weekly regulars, including the record breaking trio of Joey, Oscar & Thomas of Team Mountain Khakis powered by Jittery Joes, were absent.
I aimed to make the most of this. ; )
I managed to place third in the Miss & Out after spending much of the racing keenly crouched behind Travis with Billy flanking his teammate.
The Tempo, always 25 laps of pain, ended with Daniel, Dan & me ultimately lapping the field.

Miss & Out

Results from are here, more photos are here & last week’s recap is here.
Pictured below are Dan & Valentin in the Madison.

Dan & Valentin

ETHIC, Inc. Presents the Keirin. is right around the corner! See everyone next week!