NACCC Round 3 GoldSprints

The Goldsprints are outside in the back of Star Bar

Last night marked the 3rd installment the Atlanta NACCC Fundraising Goldsprints. I LOVE this shit. 100%!

Pictured below are Michael Mann of Guerrilla Minds and John Curtis  ape’n it.


I have never won a tournament. Always 2nd or 3rd or worse.

Pictured below is yours truly & Seth of Snyder Cycles

Me & Seth

Tonight was my lucky night!

My former East Point Track Club teammates Billy Santana & Brian Tester

did not compete to defend their titles.

Alex vs. Geller

A guy I had previously never met, Geller (pictured above right) , gave me a run for my money!

Bring the heat to the track brother!

John Paul, Matt & Matt

Always a blast!

Got to see my bud John Paul & former classmate Matt Bikeski.

Thank you again Matt & Dean for putting it on! More photos from the event can be found here.

Check for more NACCC event info.

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Below are Scotty P & Kareem of Death Pedal.