Loose Nuts Soft Opening

View from front door

Loose Nuts Cycles had their soft opening timed serendipitously with Cultur‘s road trip stop in Atlanta.

AJ Austin

Riders like AJ Austin, above left in blue ( @ajfaustin ) were in attendance from around the country.


Above is Loose Nuts co-owner, Kareem Shehab, he and Chris Tavel have covered a lot of ground recently.

The shop looks freaking fantastic already but there is still a lot to do before the doors open officially.

I arrived around 11 pm and unfortunately missed the bulk of the celebration

but snapped some photos of the shop in its current under construction status.

Late Arrival

I have been stopping by the by this space frequently since the build out began and

the soft opening was the first time that a shop atmosphere was there.

That is to say that the shop already has the relaxed, friendly vibe that many bike shops often never attain.

Chris & Kareem are determined to ensure there is nothing elitist nor overpriced at Loose Nuts.

This should come naturally and I know riders in Grant Park & around Atlanta are stoked in anticipation.

There are several more orders to place and shelves to hang before the Grand Opening.

Maggie & Matt

Loose Nuts Cycles GRAND OPENING Friday June 18th.

Shop will be open at 11 for business.

Party will start around 8.

Come by and have fun!

loosenutscycles.com | @loosenutscycles