DLV’s 1st Annual 2 Day Working Man’s Madison


Above is a visual depiction of my desperate hopes as I wrapped work at the office to head down to

the DLV for the 2nd day of Dick Lane Velodrome’s very 1st Working Man’s Madison.

It looked soggy.

Working Man's Madison | Day 2

The rain quickly blew over and if it had cooled anything off that rapidly faded into a heavy

muggy fog that descended upon the track.  Blisteringly fast racing and high stakes Madison

exchanges only served to heat up the evening even more.  Every lap in the Madison division was

a chance for glory or demise as teams strove to sling it and spin it to win it.  There was also a

non-slinging A/B field for those with no inclination for hand-held propulsion.

Pictured above & below was the opening 10 lap scratch for the Madison riders.

Working Man's Madison | Day 2

There were some heavy duty contenders not in the Madison field.

Below are powerful veterans Tony Scott racing for Peachtree Bikes and

Wayne Whitesides of Ethic Inc. They took 3rd overall.

Stafford Brooke & I with Kazane Racing rolled our way to 4th in the A/B Field.

Working Man's Madison | Day 2

Daniel Banks & Brian Tester teamed up to make a formidable combo.  Brian, the sprinter, and

Daniel, the roadie.  This recipe cooked up a 1st place overall in the non-madison A/B field 10

points ahead of Team Type 1 riders: Joe Eldridge  & Vassili Davidenko

who raced only on day one of the event.

Working Man's Madison | Day 2

In the Madison field the teams were characterized by speed, skill and strategy within the

often chaotic blur of high speed rider exchanges, bell laps and long distance endurance races of

up to 50 laps!  Pictured below are Oscar Clark and Joey Rosskopf of Team Mountain Khakis.

These guys are no strangers to first place here at the DLV and

they brought the hammer down once again.

Working Man's Madison | Day 2

In their recently unveiled new team kits, Chris Kelly & Jason Atwood of

Faster Mustache earned 5th overall.

Working Man's Madison | Day 2

The illustrious Sultans of Sling, James Brookshire & Valetin Todorow

have been hard training for this event.

Working Man's Madison | Day 2

It paid off as they seized second place a full lap up on third place which

was grappledby Team Man Hands. Left, Justin of Man Hands &

right, Valetin of Sutlans of Sling await their re-entry into the action.

Working Man's Madison | Day 2

Courtesy of crytter, below is manly exchange between

Man Hands racers Justin Barber & Jim Hodgson.

Velodrome Madison Exchange

Though I missed day one I can say with certainty that  DLV’s first Working Man’s Madison

was a hit! A novel idea and great teaser for the action pending in Sept. at

Thomsen, LTD. presents ‘The Madison’ Jeff and the other volunteers ensured both days went

smoothly and the solid turnout made for great racing!  Speaking of great racing!

Outback Bikes presents The Omnium is already next weekend! Get STOKED!

Working Man's Madison | Day 2


Day 1: www.dicklanevelodrome.com/results/Results.php#2010-06-29

Day 2: www.dicklanevelodrome.com/results/Results.php#2010-06-30

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Working Man's Madison | Day 2