The Return of the Standard Ride!


  • A weekly brisk training ride departing from Loose Nuts at 7:30pm on Thursdays
  • We generally stick to a set route (Winter 2011 route TBA) & hammer out 40 miles
  • We are aiming for a 20 mph avg. or better. Always raising the standard.
  • The terrain is mixed and we’ll drop you only if you say its ok, not if you get a flat etc.


  • It is a even mix of braked/brakeless track bikes and road bikes.
  • Lights and helmet are strongly recommended.
  • Bundle up! It’s gonna be chilly!
  • To keep up with the latest ride updates pertaining to inclement weather etc.
  • Please install Rendezvous on your iPhone and join the group!
  • And/or search for #standardride on twitter on Thursdays.

Standard Ride