6th Annual Georgia Rides to the Capitol – 3/22


Georgia Bikes! is aggressively pursuing a “Three Foot Minimum Passing” law again this legislative session. The bill has been introduced this year as HB 180. Cyclists and other supporters: stay tuned for details on this year’s version and contact your legislators to support this bill. 16 states already have safe passing legislation; let’s get Georgia signed up as number 17! For more safe passing information, click here.

In addition a Better Bicycling Bill, HB 101 has been introduced that cleans up a number of outdated bicycle issues. For details on both bills, to help and to follow the latest updates on their progress, visit Georgia Bikes!

The 2011 Georgia Rides to the Capitol event will clearly demonstrate the widespread support in our state for better bicycling laws!”

MORE INFO HERE:  georgiaridestothecapitol.org