Off the blog, across the pond…

If anyone noticed, I’ve neglected the site. Spending 2 months in Germany for work / school with my family precluded spending much time penning posts in the typical narrative style i prefer. Perhaps to somehow compensate for failing to document my experiences in a journal, I’ve taken maybe more photos than i typically do. (And I take alot)

The holy trinity

I got an Iph0ne four right before I left and have used it more than my point and shoot Pentax w90 and DSLR K7 combined! I also finally succumbed to instagram. There is no turning back now. Of course my flickr is updated regularly as well.


Like I said, I have been working a ton and that has means that riding time has been less too. Lucky for me, hopping on the tandem is something my family really enjoys. And Phillip, of European Touches, and I have also managed to tackle some EPIC endeavors, like the Schauinsland König. Check out one of my favorite summer photos of him above.

Loaded up and rolling. Next stop Grenoble

That said perhaps one of my most EPIC trips of my life started today. Tomorrow Phillipp, our friend Karl and I are riding up Alp D’Huez Alpe d’Huez, Col du Sarenne and Col du Galibier. Also on our three day agenda are Col d’Agnel, Col d’Izoard, Mount Ventoux and more. We’ll see how I feel Wednesday night! Needless to say, I’ll have some brilliant blog material coming up as well attending Eurobike this month… I’ll be kickstarting this thing back into motion.

Common themes. Tunnels, Mission Workshop & Shimano groups