Rapha Festive 500 2011 | Day 1 | 98.3 Miles

I'm logging some #rapha500 miles early tomorrow. Gimme a shout of you wanna meet up!

Like most of my longer rides over the past year, i need to roll out early.

I posted looking for local riding buddies but too little too late. I expected a solo spin around St. Pete.

Easy step towards punctual departure. #rapha500

I prepared all of my supplies for the next day.  Maybe 50-60 miles planned.

Ran into St. Pete's Sat morning 8:30 ride. Fast stuff! #rapha500

I slowly decided to change my plans as the pace picked up.  I ran into a few fellow cyclists.

They were heading towards St. Pete’s Sat. AM group ride at 8:30.

Apparently they had some steam to blow off and were already ape’n it.

One woman recognized me from 2009’s FM24.

Elizabeth Morse Hill had the fastest women’s lap that year.

Took a short break. Might crack a century.

This photo caught the CAT6 comments on instagram that it deserved.

As soon as that bridge dropped… Sprint!

More shots from my #rapha500 efforts this AM

I rolled with various pelotons downtown, down to Ft. Desoto and back north before I headed home.

Sure, recumbents are funny. Until you get dropped by one. #rapha500

Not before this guy road me off his wheel.

Sweet bike sightings. #rapha500

I snapped a few photos of some of the ride that caught my eye.  The Moots is a always a looker.

Plus I’m a sucker for integrated stem and bars!

My only 'hill' #rapha500

My only hill.  The Bellaire Causeway back to Largo.


The route & stats.

Strava // Rapha500 // 12-24

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My ride ended with a short jaunt with my nephew adding 2.4 miles and an outdoor shower!

Not bad for a first day.  I am still on the fence about tomorrow and its 2am now…

Keep up with all the competitors here and Rapha’s highlights here.

Just took a shower. OUTSIDE! #rapha500