Rapha Festive 500 2011 | Day 2 | 62.6 Miles

Got another 3hrs, 63miles in & made a new Largo riding buddy. #festive500 #day2

After I put my son Otto down for an afternoon nap, I kitted out and rolled out for maybe a 2 hour spin.

I knew I’d head north.  No route nor distance in mind and hoped, as it was xmas, that traffic’d be slim.

@sfattoclothing sock & favorite shoe combo. (too hot for shoe covers)

I learned yesterday that it’d get hot.  I suppose weather sites coulda told me too.

No shoecovers, knee/arm warmers nor vests require ’round here. It’d been ages since i rode bare shoes!

#festive500 you might be in Florida if...

Well, after sneakily scoping out some indigenous inhabitants,  I ran into  lone cyclist.

He was spinning a pretty good pace northbound, right as I considered a U-turn to head home.

Francaise Des Jeux Cycling, in Florida? I followed him of course.  No drafting until an introduction.

Mildly toasted from yesterday, my serendipitous opportunity to hang on John's wheel was a welcome relief. #festive500

John was a super cool dude.

He showed me some quiet roads and pretty much towed me back down to Largo.

He has raced for 35 years, formerly built frames, lived by Mt. Ventoux for 2yrs and is fast.

His Wilier was killer.  Gotta get a better photo at the 7:30 Ride’n’Roll group ride tomorrow AM.

Thanks for letting me sit on your wheel all afternoon John! Hasta mañana! #festive500

Thanks once again for letting me sit on your wheel and the friendly and briskly paced ride John!

My second day the Rapha Festive 500 brings the tally to nearly 161 miles.

310 miles (500k) is the goal! Though, I am considering the funny finale of 666km too…

Yesterday’s write up: Rapha Festive 500 2011 | Day 1 | 98.3 Miles

Gonna do parts of this with a group tomorrow. It's gonna be faster. At least I know where the sprints are now. #festive500