Rapha Festive 500 2011 | Day 5 | 47.6 Miles

#festive500 #day5

After not meeting my goal of a 4 day Festive 500 completion, I was determined to surpassed 500k today.

Still sore, John’s suggested rendezvous of 7:30 allowed me some extra Z’s.

When not being harassed and rammed by motorists. The scenery is nice. #festive500 #Florida

We rolled out towards the beach and I thought about how seeing the sunrise each day has been great.

I wanted to be back home by 10.  So we picked up the pace.  That means less pictures.  ; )


Our route was mostly pretty quiet.  Neighborhood roads, out towards Safety Harbor.

Chilly for Florida, we both had arm warmers. Again, our pace compensated for the 50 degree temp.

And, I was glad i brought my vest Philipp had got me at the Freiburg Collective.

Not a hill. #rapha500

In an otherwise uneventful nearly half century.  Somewhere along the way I met my 500k goal.

What better way to celebrate than with a natty fab?

After all, “A goal is nothing without at least a moment of panache” –Bill Strickland

Midride #festive500 victory trackstand.

When I wrapped up my ride I was ranked 35th.  Now its like 66th…

And where the hell did Kristian House come from!?! He’s closing in on 1000k!

I think I’ll sleep in tomorrow but do plan on taking advantage of the remaining three days to ride.

35th (for now) & 107% complete.

Here’s a breakdown of my rides totally to 536km. Read all posts here & photos here.