Rapha Festive 500 2011 | Day 7 | 4.1 Miles

Today was a rest day for me, but maybe Otto’s most epic yet!

#festive500 Paceline

Otto, my nephew Mason & I made a 2 mile sojourn to a local playground.

Pacelining on sidewalks one half of the way and then met up with their Moms at the park.


Luckily, I brought some GSC water vessels along!

Otto was ape'n it! #rapha500

I was super impressed with Otto! He was sporting crocs, jamming along at a jogging pace!

We just rode 2 miles #festive500

We took up the whole rack!  Here is a shot from earlier this week of the whole crew.

We reached our destination!

We made it to the park! And this was Otto’s longest trip solo by bike: 1.9 miles!

Freshly packed BB, patched tube, clean chain and overall tune up! Ready to rip!

Mason & I biked back as dusk creepin in.  He and I had spent some time working on his bike today.

It had a bent chainring, filthy chain, flat tire, stuck brake cable etc.

Now totally dialed, he was stoked!

Otto took the SAG wagon home, Mason went for a high speed record.

Though he didn’t beat his PR for max speed, we had a blast on the ride home and I got 4 miles in!

Only one day left! Intending on another 100miles to ensure a top 100 finish! 5am rollout! #festive500