Rapha Festive 500 2011 | Day 6 | 62.9 Miles

Day 6 was originally going to be maybe 20 mile or so.

Riding began with me meeting my family at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

I didn’t want to deal with changing so the touring shorts & merino boxers made perfect sense.

Little did I know the day would end with another 100k tacked on.

#rapha500 heading down to visit @66fixed

After lunch at Frenchy’s in Clearwater, I decided to head south on the Key.

Maybe swing towards St. Pete and visit Michael & Carol at 66fixed.

It was a slow cruise.  As it often does, the route included drawbridges.

I never mind watching the boats move along.

Boats slow traffic more than bikes. Honk at them.

I stopped at this kitschy aquatic scene.

I’d never get anywhere if I stopped at every random Florida style signage that caught my eye!

#festive500 #day6 #extracredit

At around sunset I rolled into 66Fixed.  Minute later the instagram comments I had gotten made sense.

66 is closing!  Michael & Carol have decided to move on from the a bike shop biz.

But, they’ll be staying in the industry!  Look out for more updates on what they do next.

Damn! @66fixed IS closing for good! Buy for bigger and better things! Good luck michael!

I’ve been visiting this shop every trip to Florida since 2007 and will be bummed to see it go!

I am excited to see them move on to the next chapter and wish them both all the best!

If you’re in the market for ANYTHING.

Call or email the shop now for deals on components, frames etc.

Gonna miss this shop!

Hell, he might let these Cinelli angel bars go!

Angel bars @cinelliUSA

My route back up to Largo was chilly & dark on the Pinellas Trail.

I met up with my family at the park to check out the lights and saw Florida’s only snowmobile.

Or is that a Sea-doo?

Check out more photos here and day 5’s write up here. Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge!

Tacked on another 100k. #festive500 In other news, @rapha_n_america will Kristian or Stephan win!?