Nº4 #Cycling, #Startups & #Sales: my weekly @getrevue just shipped

Happy Thursday! I’m 24hrs back on the ground here in Holland & shipping this more than a few days into the week but for good reason! Heaps has happened since the last installment 10 days ago and I leave on my next trip already again tomorrow so let’s dive in & click all the images below before the week gets away from us! ; )


I just scheduled a time to catch up Markus from Komoot at Eurobike. Check out their new video by clicking above and check out the app here:https://bit.ly/Komoot_Android & https://bit.ly/Komoot_iOS (Keen to meet there too? twotoneams.nl/tag/eurobike/)

Above, is a link to Christian Ehl’s great piece about his ride across America. best quote? “If you want great experiences, choose great roads.”

I love that.

Last but not least on the cycling highlights, my good friend Lester and RIH Sport Amsterdam were featured on The Radavist last week with photos by bud Kevin Sparrow. Worth a read to learn about RIH’s storied history & exciting future! http://bit.ly/Radavist-RIH


During The Next Web this year I barged into a conversation at a table about how Amsterdam would be terrible for raising kids. I convinced them otherwise. The new dad at the table? Tucker Max. Well now it is his turn to convince me that angel investing ain’t all its cracked up to be:https://bit.ly/TuckerMax-on-Angel-Investing

No Dolby is indeed no start-up but my friend Staci Janik, an entrepreneur & designer in Atlanta, did find a way to make their wall of patent language engaging and whimsical. Imagine what she can do for your company:http://www.stacijanik.com/


Humble or quiet or proud & loud: your career hinges on your ability and achievements. How do you promote yourself without being a jerk https://bit.ly/dont-be-a-jerk

The Tramworks hub for small businesses just shipped a brand identity referencing their office locations heritage very directly, with all signage creating by fret cutting from corten steel – an exact mirror to the process used for the original 1905 tram signs. With business cards like this, how could you not close more deals?! https://bit.ly/tramworks-bizcards


Some big riding highlights from last week!

And this week is Paris-Brest-Paris! A 1230km ride organized once every four years since 1891 and ridden by about 6.000 cyclists who prefer to be called randonneurs. Several of my friends will have exactly 80 hours (3 days + 8 hours) to do it! Allez Bas, Frank, Jenny, Julien and more!

Click above to learn more about the history of this amazing ride from Max Leonard on the Strava blog.

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Here is to going the distance this week!