ABC’s Confident City Cycling Classes

Atlanta Bicycle Campaign | Confident Cycling Classes

Would you like to ride a bicycle in metro Atlanta but feel unsure of where to ride or how to do so safely and confidently? Do you wish you knew more about the rules to follow, how to avoid crashes, and what to do in case of a flat tire? Do you want to gain enough knowledge to teach your children to ride carefully and wisely on their own?

The Atlanta Bicycle Campaign’s Confident City Cycling classes can give you the confidence you need to ride safely and legally in traffic or on the trail, or to teach your children to do so.

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The classes cover laws affecting bicycles, the importance of visibility and predictability, lane positioning, intersection safety, interacting with pedestrians, trail etiquette, bicycle safety checks, fixing a flat, on-bike skills, crash avoidance techniques, basic bicycling gear, and much more!

You will receive a manual and other very useful printed information from ABC.

As learning takes place in both the classroom and on the bike, bring a bicycle in working condition (check to ensure you have brakes, etc) and a helmet. The class does include a practice ride with frequent stops for instructor feedback (many students report this is the best part!) so you can put your new skills to work, so please wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes and bring a water bottle.

Drop in or drop out!