Attention Festival Riders!

EDIT: 2:00 pm May/8/08:

All FAQ’s should be answered here

There has been some concern raised regarding the 22 person Expert limit this year with no pre-registration. While the velodrome hasn’t had pre-registration in the last 5 years, I can understand your concern about 8 less riders than previous year limits….So here’s the deal. Every Expert/Elite/Women rider will get to race on Saturday. If we actually have more than our field limits then we will create an additional points race qualifier for that category. Between the 5 lap scratch and the points race qualifiers we will take the top 22 or 30 riders based on best overall placing from the two events to race in the remainder of the nights events. The top 2 from all qualifiers will automatically go. This will give everyone equal chance of racing and at least two guaranteed races. To do so, we will have to be on top of everything so please be prepared for your events when they come up. The points race heats would be right after the Scratch heats.

I hope this relieves everyone’s concerns

Wayne Whitesides
Board Member

East Point Velodrome Association, Inc.
A Georgia 501c3 Non-profit

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