EPTC Team Deals | Preseason Tubulars


EPTC Preseason Tubular Specials:

We just got a handful of tires in with damaged packaging from Continental and want to pass the savings along. Now is the time for new treads!

  • 2 Podiums @ $56.00

The Continental Podium Tubular is structurally similar to the Continental Sprinter tire, but without the extra puncture protection belt and a thinner running tread. These two changes reduce the tubular’s overall weight and optimizes the rolling resistance. The Continental Podium tire will have you sailing through those shorter triathlons and criteriums where every second counts. See you on the Podium.polyamide (Kevlar) casing material and tread strip of high-performance ASC® compound. Rated for inflation pressures of 170 psi, manufactured by hand in Germany

  • 1 Sprinter @ $46.00

Continental Sprinter Tubular Tyre The Sprinter is a fast tyre for the shorter road events like criteriums. Its function is in its name. With a nylon puncture protection breaker it is now even more reliable without losing its terrific rolling qualities. Its flexible casing and the anti-skidding rubber mixture keeps the contact even in fast 90 degree bends. With its low weight and good acceleration, it is most definitely the fastest tyre in the last 400 meters.

  • 2 Tempo 22’s @ $81.00
  • 3 Tempo 19’s @ $72.00

Continental Tempo Tubular Tyre Used by high level professionals, the Tempo is Continental performance and quality at it’s best. Top grade polyamide tubular that can be used on both track and road. Ideal for time trialling where it is currently used by international stars such as Jan Ullrich and the German track cycling team, along with many national time triallists including Sean Yates. The Tempo is equally at home on the boards of the velodrome

(prices include team discount)

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