Stacey & Jon’s Bilenky Touring Tandem!

Help Us Build Our Dream Tandem!

We are currently compiling the components we will use to build our Bilenky tandem. This web page contains descriptions and pictures of the specific parts and accessories we would like to have complete our bike. Additionally, there are PayPal buttons so you can help us put our bike together! We are looking forward to touring on our Bilenky during not only our European honeymoon, but for many years of two wheeled travel to come. Check back often for updates on the page!

The Frame

~Not Ours, But Quite Similar~ bilenky-frame.jpg

-Our Bilenky will be a jade green. Not unlike this one:
tandem-truck.jpg -This bike is rolling with ALOT more cargo than we will need but you get the idea.
-How does one transport such a beast?
-Easy! sswonders_2.jpg -For more info about S & S Couplers, go here.
More info about our frame to come!

Racks, Bags & Panniers

~Our Nitto Racks~

~Our Nitto Campee Front Rack~
Campee front
– Built by Nitto
– More Info Here & Here
Price: $160

~The Cantilever Rack Adapters~
Canti Connects
– A vital connector that secures our front rack to the cantilever brake bosses.
Thank You Mason!

~Our Nitto Campee Rear Rack~
Campee rear
– More Info Here & Here
Thank You Becky & Ted!

~Stacey’s Stoker Bag~Stoker Bag
-Handmade By Gilles Berthoud
-More info Here
Thank You Adria and Paul!

~Stacey’s Saddle Bag~ Saddle Bag
-Handmade By Gilles Berthoud
-More info Here
Price: $99

~Our Arkel Panniers~arkelondrawing.jpg~The Gt-54~ Rear Panniers. The GT54
-Handmade By Arkel
Price: $349(pair)

-The gt-18 Front Pannier Gt-18
-Handmade By Arkel
Price: $125

Thank You Courtney & James!


Our wheels will be Phil Wood Hubs Laced with DT Swiss Spokes To Velocity Dyad Rims
Phil Wood To DT Swiss To Velocity Dyad
*Better Photo forthcoming

~The Hubs Phil Wood Tandem Hubs (photo cred: Peter White Cycles)
-The rear hub will have 48 spokes, laced 4 cross and be outfitted with a Drum Brake.
Price: $350(Rear)

– The Front hub will have 40 spokes and be laced 3 cross

Price: $120(Front)

~The Rims
-More info about the Velocity Dyad Rims found here
Thank You Nick & Stef!

~The Spokes

-More info about DT Swiss Spokes found here
Thank You Jenny, MK & Andy!

~The Tires: Continental Touring Plus
Conti cutaway
touring side view
-More info here

– Three left!

– Thank You Papa Rose!
Price: $30


~Stacey’s Nitto RB0-21 Stoker Bars~
RB0 21
Thank You Aunt Karen, Uncle Jeff, Maddy & Parker!

~Stacey’s Nitto Pearl Quill Stem
Nitto Pearl
– More info here
Price: $65

~Stacey’s Stoker Stem
Stoker Stem
– More info here
– This stem clamps onto Jon’s seatpost and accepts Stacey’s quill Stem (pictured above)
Price: $65.00

~Jon’s Nitto Randonneur B135 drop handlebars~
B 135'
– more info here
Thank You Mom & Dad Rose!

~Jon’s Thomson Stem

Thank You Aunt Karen, Uncle Jeff, Maddy & Parker!

The Drivetrain

~Shimano Deore Front Derailleur~
Front Derr
-More info here
– Thank You Papa Rose!

~Shimano LX Rear Derailleur~
Rear Derr
-More info here
Thank You Katie & Justin!

~Shimano Deore XT CS-M770 Cassette~
-More info here
Price: $90

~Shimano XT Tandem Crankset
-More info herePrice: $300.00

~Dura Ace ‘Bar Con’ Shifters
DA shifters
-More info here
Price: $90


(Ha! No, our tandem will have brakes!)

~Paul Components Neo Retro Cantilever Brakes
Paul Neo Retro
– More info here
Price: $103.00

~Paul Components Touring Cantilever Brakes
Paul Touring
– More info here
Thank you Katja & Burt!
~Cane Creek Scr-5 Brake Levers
Cane Creel Lever
– More info here

– Thank You Mary & John & The Goodhews!
~Our ‘Third’ Brake: The Drum Brake
Arai Drum Brake
-More info about drum brakes can be found here.
Thank You Carol & Matt!


~Jon’s Thomson Seatpost
Thomson ( mine )
– More info here
Price: $90

~Stacey’s Thomson Seatpost
Thomson ( stacey )
– More info here
Price: $90

~Our Brooks Flyer Saddles
– More info here
Price: $132

–We will continue to post items ( and PayPal buttons) as we determine what we need.
-Thank you! —————————————————————————————————————– Pictured above: the late and great Sheldon Brown and his wife Harriet on December 2nd, 1979

*This page was last updated on July 20th, 2008

*For more info email us: StaceyandJon(@)

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