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Heres to compilation CD’s, when I was yonger compilations were the only music I really listened to. Mainly because I was constantly broke, either way compilation cds are a great way to explore lots of new bands and new kinds of music thats easy on the wallet.

Worn Out Records Various Artists “Transylvania Style Punk Rock” 6.00
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A Halloween themed novelty compilation featuring today’s best underground pop-punk bands.

1. Grand Prixx -3 Fingered Ghost
2. Proteens -Say It Ain’t So
3. No On 15 -My Vampire Lesbian
4. Peabodys -The Aliens Have Landed
5. Darlington -Mustang Ranch
6. Manda & The Marbles -Dead By Dawn
7. Kid With Man Head -Cheese Grate Your Face
8. Teenage Girls -Extraterrestrial Encounter At The Elk’s Lodge
9. Huntingtons -Let’s Go To Haddonfield
10. Shy Guys -Werewolf In Love
11. Hissyfits -Vampire Chicks
12. Dirt Bike Annie -Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things
13. Connie Dungs -Barbara
14. Peabodys -I Saw A Wolfman
15. Portmans -Revenge Of The Angry Dead
16. Suziblade -The Moral (takes It’s Cloak Off At The End)
17. Trestle Jumper -Jagular
18. Juvenile Wreck -Beach Party Blood Bath
19. Attention Deficit -Total Terror

Cabana1 Records Various Artists “Where The Fun Never Sets Vol. 1” 7.25
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Cabana 1 Records teamed-up with the Surfrider Foundation to offer this 25 band benefit comp to the fans of the world. Features unreleased & out of print stuff galore from the Queers, the Manges, the Rydells, the Prozacs, the Underhills, the Mugwumps, the Challenged, the Killdaddies, the Scutches, Random55, the Sheckies, the Adorkables, the BuRbs, the Generics, the Guts, the Peabodys, Le Volume Etait Au Maximum, the Barbecuties, the Lebowskis, the Stackers, Varsity Weirdos,
Slartybartfast, the Highschool Dropouts, Pea Shooter & Punch Puppet! Killer comp, killer sounds!

1. The Life Of Brian (Barbecuties)
2. Ame Soeur (Le Volume Au Maximum)
3. Surfin’ The Black Lagoon (Sheckies)
4. Rock N Roll Beach Party (Rydells)
5. Work Sucks (Pea Shooter)
6. Goodbye California (Queers)
7. Out & Over (Guts)
8. On Your Own (Prozacs)
9. Lesson Learned (Underhills)
10. Today Is The Only Day (Peabodys)
11. Over & Out (Lebowskis)
12. Breakdown (BuRbs)
13. In The After Hours (Adorkables)
14. Another Day (Manges)
15. What Are The Odds (Punchpuppet)
16. On My Shirt (Scutches)
17. Codependency (Varsity Weirdos)
18. Control Freak (Generics)
19. Wanna Be Alright (Mugwumps)
20. Radio Love (Slartybartfast)
21. Blank Ammunition (Challeneged)
22. Yeah Yeah Yeah (Stackers)
23. Born To Be Your Boy (Killdaddies)
24. Dear Near (Random 55)
25. I’m Headed Downtown (Highschool Dropouts)

Very Small Records Various Artists “Very Small Records Four Two Pudding” 6.00
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A Very Small Records compilation of shit they put out from 1989-1993. Lots of good bands on this one.

1. Corrupted Morals -Quality Control
2. Econochrist -Tooth Itch
3. Screeching Weasel -I Wanna Be A Homosexual
4. Schizoid -Governmental Parasites/Chamba
5. Dissent -Typical
6. Coffe & Donuts -Optimator
7. Samiam -Speed
8. The Offspring -Tehran
9. Soup -Hangin’ Out With Myself
10. Fuel -The Name Is…
11. Sewer Trout -Holiday In Romania
12. Nuisance -The Rut
13. Lizards -Shemp
14. 23 More Minutes -My Machine Gun
15. Downfall -New Regulations
16. Horny Mormons -Field Of Gerbils
17. Jawbreaker -Fantastic Planet
18. Sleep -Numb
19. Schlong -New Pieces
20. 3 Finger Spread -Pisstoy
21. NAR -Hi, We’re Near/I Like Times
22. False Sacrament -That One
23. Pounded Clown -One Nine Hundred
24. Plaid Retina -The Wringer
25. Logical Nonsense -A Flower In A Sea Of Shit

Lookout! Records Various Artists “Lookout Records Punk 7 Inches Vol. 1 1988-89” 9.00

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Originally released in 1988 and 1989 as LK 02, LK 05, LK 07, LK 09, LK12 and LK 16 this full length compact disc collects six of the first seven inch EPs that Lookout! Records released, many of which appear on CD format for the very first time. In the late 1980s when Lookout! first burst onto the scene, compact discs had barely been introduced, were rare and criminally overpriced. The seven inch EP was the main method that new amazing punk rock was distributed in the punk scene. Many bands and labels didn’t have the money to record full albums. Seven inches were cheaper and more economical ways of getting your music out there for a band as well as a fan.
These EPs represent the early or often first recordings of the first year two years of Lookout! bands. In some cases, it was also their only release. Corrupted Morals offer five tracks of classic hardcore. Isocracy, featuring future members of Green Day and Samiam, offer 10 tracks of spastic irreverent punk rock. Plaid Retina’s debut EP included 12 tracks of raging thrash in 10 minutes. Yeastie Girlz were political all-girl acapella rap. The Surrogate Brains’ offer six songs of humorous melodic punk. Finally, Kamala & The Karnivores’ EP included great tuneful pop punk.
Here is your chance to revisit the beginning of the vibrant east bay scene, a great label and some amazing punk. This CD is remastered and features original cover and insert artwork from the original vinyl-only releases. Watch for Volume 2!

Track Listing:
1. Be All You Can Be (Corrupted Morals)
2. Peer Pressure (Corrupted Morals)
3. Corrupted Morals (Corrupted Morals)
4. Power (Corrupted Morals)
5. The Adventures Of Edwin Meese (Corrupted Morals)
6. ZBHR (Isocracy)
7. Rodeo (Isocracy)
9. 2 Blocks Away (Isocracy)
10. 8 (Isocracy)
11. Amilyplympt Three (Isocracy)
12. Funky Breakwire (Isocracy)
13. 10 Seconds Of Anarchy (Isocracy)
14. Swisher Sweets (Isocracy)
15. Scalf Etaredefnoc (Isocracy)
16. Plaid Retina (Plaid Retina)
17. One Way Thinking (Plaid Retina)
19. Leprosy (Plaid Retina)
20. Gone Mad (Plaid Retina)
21. Twisted (Plaid Retina)
22. Sugarfit (Plaid Retina)
23. Stupidity Disease (Plaid Retina)
24. Tears by (Plaid Retina)
25. Unlocked Door (Plaid Retina)
26. Aggravated Assault (Plaid Retina)
27. Palsiid (Plaid Retina)
28. FCC (The Yeastie Girlz)
29. You Suck (The Yeastie Girlz)
30. Sperm Brain (The Yeastie Girlz)
31. Talkin’ Shit (The Yeastie Girlz)
32. Orgasm Addict (The Yeastie Girlz)
33. Joyce (The Yeastie Girlz)
34. Put A Lid On It (The Yeastie Girlz)
35. Fuck Yourself (The Yeastie Girlz)
36. Sue Your Friends (The Yeastie Girlz)
37. Ode An Die Freude (The Yeastie Girlz)
38. Super Spectacular Day (Surrogate Brains)
39. You (Love Shit) (Surrogate Brains)
40. Tide On My Soiled Genes (Surrogate Brains)
41. If The Things They Say Are True (Surrogate Brains)
42. Downtown (Surrogate Brains)
43. America, The Machine (Surrogate Brains)
44. Love Like Murder (Kamala and the Karnivores)
45. Back To Bodie (Kamala and the Karnivores)
46. Bone Bouquet (Kamala and the Karnivores)
47. Black Thumb (Kamala and the Karnivores)

BYO Records Various Artists “BYO Records Greetings From The Welfare State” 5.00

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It’s a compilation from BYO records, all arranged for the common worker. You get rare and unreleased tracks from SNUFF, GOOBER PATROL, CITIZEN FISH, PANIC, LEATHERFACE, CONSUMED, SILENCER 7, GROVER, FOUR LETTER WORD, AIRBOMB, ROAD RAGE, JOE 90, NEWTOWN GRUNTS, IMBALANCE, STAINS, ERASE TODAY, THE TONE, TURTLEHEAD, SOUTHPAW and RED FLAGG ’77. That’s twenty tracks all packaged in a jewel case that includes a full color 10″x20″ poster!

1. Goober Patrol -Over The Wall
2. Consumed -Drink It Up
3. Road Rage -When We Were Boys
4. Red Flag 77 -How Low
5. Silencer 7 -When America Falls
6. The Stains -Step Into The Light
7. Newtown Grunts -Solidarity
8. Four Letter Word -Unconditional
9. Turtlehead -Godsend
10. Erase Today -Feels Like Rain
11. Leatherface -Boogie on Down
12. Snuff -I Will Survive
13. Imbalance -Best Intentions
14. Citizen Fish -Will Swap
15. Panic -Movers and Shakers
16. The ‘Tone -This Is A High
17. Joe 90 -Sophism
18. Airbomb -Turn It Off
19. Southpaw -On A Limb
20. Grover -Front Door

Knowhere Records Various Artists “One, Two, Three, Four” 6.00

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Knowhere Records presents 1,2,3,4
‘1,2,3,4’ is a brilliant 4 way split from some of Georgia’s best up and coming punk bands. The Ninety Nines, The Luenskies, The Jerks and The Terribles all lend 2 songs each to this benefit disc. The bands all got together to raise money for the Marcus Institute in Atlanta, an organization that is making incredible advancements in the field of understanding Autism. Limited to 100 copies to ensure collectabliity.
1. Wanna Kill Music (Jerks)
2. The Sun Never Sets (Jerks)
3. Josh’s Song (Ninety Nines)
4. At The Queers Show (Ninety Nines)
5. I Can’t Think (Terribles)
6. Zombie Love Song (Terrbiles)
7. Protest (Luenskies)
8. Blonde (Luenskies)

Cabana1 Records Various Artists “Summer Sounds: Vol. 1” 7.25

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Four bands, four songs each, Cabana 1 Records issues a solid pop-punk release. Includes four new tracks from the Burbs, the Prozacs, Regal Beagle & the Lebowskis. Pop-punk-a-rama!

1. Let’s Go (BuRbs)
2. Dumbing You Down (BuRbs)
3. Take A Chance (BuRbs)
4. Surfer Joe (BuRbs)
5. Penguin Rock (Prozacs)
6. Paging Mr. Herman (Prozacs)
7. I Need A Girl (Prozacs)
8. Creature Of The Night (Prozacs)
9. Girl From Next Door (Regal Beagle)
10. All Screwed Up Again (Regal Beagle)
11. Tonight (Regal Beagle)
12. Just My Style (Regal Beagle)
13. 6 Days (Lebwoskis)
14. Hockey Time (Lebowskis)
15. Phone Tag (Lebowskis)
16. I Don’t Care (Lebowskis)

Cabana1 Records Various Artists “Summer Sounds: 4 Reasons For The Season Vol. 2” 8.00

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Well, once again the madness of summer is all wrapped-up in a blender of pop-punk fun! Summer Sounds: Four Reasons for the Season Vol. 2 is back & bigger than before! Featuring four of today’s greater pop-punk bands, contributing four tunes apiece, this split brings you tracks by the Adorkables, the Kilowatts, the Sheckies & the Bluffingtons. Summer Sounds Vol. 1 is marked as an instant classic, and this years follow-up volume 2 is raising the bar! Catch a wave today while the limited set is still available!
1. 21st Birthday (Adorkables)
2. Born Evil (Adorkables)
3. Dance Class (Adorkables)
4. Carmelita (Adorkables)
5. Take The Pain (Kilowatts)
6. Never Happy (Kilowatts)
7. Without Your Love (Kilowatts)
8. Goodbye Forever (Kilowatts)
9. Knucklehead (Sheckies)
10. Sumpin’ Wrong With My Brain (Sheckies)
11. Retarded (Sheckies)
12. Not Gonna Miss You (Sheckies)
13. Psycho Retard Beach Party Pt. 3 (Bluffingtons)
14. My Brain’s On Overload (Bluffingtons)
15 Lime Green Bike (Bluffingtons)
16 Ms. Pac-Man (Bluffingtons)

Underground Communique' Records Various Artists “The World I Know: A Tribute To Pegboy” 6.00

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Tribute Compilation for the great Chicago band Pegboy. 24 songs of mostly Chicago bands (with a few out of towners). All songs are exclusive to this release.

1. Vic Bondi -Method
2. Full -Strong Reaction
3. Rollo Tomasi -Louisianna
4. The Phenoms -Mr. Pink
5. Muntion -Superstar
6. Haymarket Riot -Through My Fingers
7. Deminer -Walk On By
8. Shot Baker -Spaghetti Western
9. Dreadnok Ripper -Planet Porno
10. My Big Beautiful -Blister
11. Matics -Locomotivelung
12. Matt Skiba -Field Of Darkness
13. Blonde Alibi -Sinner Inside
14. Bill Henderson -Never A Question
15. Break The Silence -Time Again
16. Invisibles -You
17. Nine Lives -Still Uneasy
18. Littleman Complex -Dangermare
19. Lynyrd’s Innards -My Youth
20. Rb Vs. Wmfrl? -Minutes To Hours
21. Don’t Worry About It -Fade Away
22. Dutchmen -You Fight Like A Little Girl
23. Dead Town Revival -Hardlight
24. Story So Far -Line Up

Plan-It X Records Various Artists “If It Ain’t Cheap It Ain’t Punk” 6.00

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This is a sample of what Plan-It-X Records is about. 30 songs. At least 10 of these songs are pretty rare and a good few of those will only appear on this comp. This is like a welcome kit to Plan-It-X Records. If you haven’t heard any of the bands on Plan-It-X Records, start here. It’s cheap too.

Track Listing:
1. This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb – “What I Want”
2. The Dauntless Elite – “I am Ninja, My Life is Lonely and Difficult”*
3. Carrie Nations – “Citalivinded”
4. The Devil is Electric – “Wild Fire”
5. Rosa – “Starch and Carbohydrates”
6. Matty Pop Chart – “Jimmy Jam II (AH)”*
7. Lava Lava – “Dylan”*
8. Erin Tobey – “Follow the Trail”*
9. Soophie Nun Squad – “Stumped”*
10. The Bananas – “Disappear”
11. The Four Eyes – “Debate Tean”
12. Shotwell – “Once in a While”
13. Japanther – “The Boss”*
14. Sexy – “Smoking Popes”
15. Paul Baribeau – “Like Bells or Something”*
16. Antsy Pants – “Amazing Kids”*
17. The Door-Keys – “Bugs”*
18. Spoonboy – “Aren’t All Songs Political?”*
19. Defiance, Ohio – “Tanks! Tanks! Tanks!”
20. The Sissies – “Everything in teh World”
21. Blank Fight – “Madison Truck Stop”
22. Ghost Mice – “You Can Count on Me”
23. One Reason – “The End Never Mattered”*
24. Madeline – “1982”*
25. Dave Dean’s Musical Forklift – “King Harold”*
26. Max Levine Ensemble – “Pink”*
27. Abe Froman – “Finnegan Royce”*
28. Operation: Cliff Clavin – “I Used to be a Meat Eater”
29. Peanucle – “How to Make a Human”*

No Idea Records Various Artists “Redefiling Music” 4.00

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Sixteen unreleased songs by sixteen No Idea bands!

1. Radon -Interesting Drug
2. Asshole Parade -Red Tape
3. Fay Wray -Dead Flowers
4. Panthro U.K. United 13 -Safe European Home
5. Small Brown Bike -Jailbreak
6. Palatka -Good Intentions
7. I Hate Myself -Care
8. Elmer -The Gambler
9. Hot Water Music -No Surrender
10. Twelve Hour Turn -Mophead Boy
11. Anklebiter -Tugboat
12. Anthem Eighty Eight -Corners
13. Rumbleseat -Jackson
14. Clairmel -Anyway
15. Usuals -Bring On The Night
16. Ham -Theme From The Three Stooges

Crafty Records Various Artists “New York Vs. New Jersey Battle Royale” 11.00

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2 new songs by The Ergs!, Unlovables, For Science, Hunchback, Lemuria, Nancy, Steinways and Groucho Marxists.

1. The Ergs! You Bet We Got Something Against You
2. The Ergs! Million Reasons Dub
3. Lemuria Oragamists Too
4. Lemuria Beespit
5. Hunchback Time To Shine
6. Hunchback #12 Looks Just Like You
7. Unlovables Jersey Boy
8. Unlovables Day 1
9. Groucho Marxists Stupid White Filtered-Tip Cigarette
10. Groucho Marxists Candy
11. Nancy Excellent Adventure
12. Nancy Bogus Journey
13. For Science Get In Line
14. For Science Kitty
15. Steinways Always? Never!
16. Steinways Superfuzzbigmac

Crafty Records Various Artists “The 3 Dollar Gallon” 11.00
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The $3 Gallon features new songs by Brook Pridemore, Guitar Bomb, The Max Levine Ensemble, Captain Chaos, Ivan Sandomire, Yeterdays Pants, and The Stick Martin Show. It also has live tracks from Ghost Mice, Brook Pridemore and Guitar Bomb. The Cd’s come in envelopes made out of vintage sewn maps. The liner notes are printed on the backs of Mapquest that were used on various Crafty Records Tours. All of the songs are about travel.

1. New York Is gonna Burn (The Don’t Stop)
2. Welcome To City Island (The Stick Martin Show)
3. Never Call Home (Captain Chaos)
4. Roadside Assistance (Ivan Sandomire)
5. Philadelphia (The Max Levine Ensemble)
6. Hurricane Ivan (Brook Pridemore)
7. White Trash Honolulu (The Stick Martin Show)
8. Track Marks (Guitar Bomb)
9. Austin To El Paso (Ghost Mice)
10. Chocolate Cake City (Brook Pridemore)
11. Variations On The Theme Of California (The Max Levine Ensemble)
12. Hippy Hill (Ivan Sandomire)
13. Oklahoma To Ohio (Guitar Bomb)
14. 3 Hours Down The Road (The Stick Martin Show)
15. Stevie B Challenge (Brook Pridemore)
16. Westside Highway (Yesterdays Pants)

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