VELOCITY TOUR 2009! | ATL July 12, 2009

 If you plan on competing in the VELOCITY Tour you must be a certified C or D class rider to race. If you aren’t already certified then it is too late!

Riders should have competed at at least two previous D race nights(tuesday night racing), and will already have a race number, this will be your number at VELOCITY. All normal EPVA, and ATRA rules will apply to this event!

Registration opens at noon, with a warm up pace-line starting at 1:30 racing starting at 2:00. Price 20$(5$ more than standard Tuesday or Wednesday nights, but with a bunch of prizes at stake, and the points will be weighted heavier than normal racing within the respective C and D classes.)

Early sponsor list. Will be updated as we add sponsors!

Highway 2/ Continental, VelocityRims, No Brakes Bikes.

VeloCity Atlanta


Drop in or drop out!