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Nº4 #Cycling, #Startups & #Sales: my weekly @getrevue just shipped

Happy Thursday! I’m 24hrs back on the ground here in Holland & shipping this more than a few days into the week but for good reason! Heaps has happened since the last installment 10 days ago and I leave on my next trip already again tomorrow so let’s dive in & click all the images below before the week gets away from us! ; )


I just scheduled a time to catch up Markus from Komoot at Eurobike. Check out their new video by clicking above and check out the app here: & (Keen to meet there too?

Above, is a link to Christian Ehl’s great piece about his ride across America. best quote? “If you want great experiences, choose great roads.”

I love that.

Last but not least on the cycling highlights, my good friend Lester and RIH Sport Amsterdam were featured on The Radavist last week with photos by bud Kevin Sparrow. Worth a read to learn about RIH’s storied history & exciting future!


During The Next Web this year I barged into a conversation at a table about how Amsterdam would be terrible for raising kids. I convinced them otherwise. The new dad at the table? Tucker Max. Well now it is his turn to convince me that angel investing ain’t all its cracked up to be:

No Dolby is indeed no start-up but my friend Staci Janik, an entrepreneur & designer in Atlanta, did find a way to make their wall of patent language engaging and whimsical. Imagine what she can do for your company:


Humble or quiet or proud & loud: your career hinges on your ability and achievements. How do you promote yourself without being a jerk

The Tramworks hub for small businesses just shipped a brand identity referencing their office locations heritage very directly, with all signage creating by fret cutting from corten steel – an exact mirror to the process used for the original 1905 tram signs. With business cards like this, how could you not close more deals?!


Some big riding highlights from last week!

And this week is Paris-Brest-Paris! A 1230km ride organized once every four years since 1891 and ridden by about 6.000 cyclists who prefer to be called randonneurs. Several of my friends will have exactly 80 hours (3 days + 8 hours) to do it! Allez Bas, Frank, Jenny, Julien and more!

Click above to learn more about the history of this amazing ride from Max Leonard on the Strava blog.

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Here is to going the distance this week!

Not only my first #cx race in Europe but my first ever!

I never had a chance to compete in any local GA races in the past. And also before my @hillclarke painted @611bicycleco #nahbs bike I didn’t have a #cyclocross bike. Then today I didn’t have the proper tires! ; ) Despite being a rookie and sporting relatively slick treads, I managed to keep passing people and navigate the mud without eating it but certainly got smoked by some heavy hitters! Thank you for the photos @drstaceyrose!

Some THICK mud!

Otto showing me some support after flatting out.

My number one supporter hauling race gear, kids, coffee and more into brutal crosswinds. Tough as nails! She refused to let me pilot the bakfiets!

One Nerd’s Journey to #SxSWi – My Highlights, Lessons & Tips

  1. Sup Austin. First stop: chicken & waffles then Medici to get some work done. The weather is great here!…
  2. I arrived a few days before Interactive to ensure I got situated prior to the show.  First step was unpacking my 611 & rolling down Congress in search of food.  If there is one key to staying well fed in Austin, it is the heaps of food trucks available all over town.  My first stop was Ms P’s for chicken & waffles before I spent the afternoon working from Medici. My time in Texas was off to a good start! This post takes a stab at sharing my experiences, lessons learned & tips for next year.
  3. Ok. ; ) Time to get to work! Let me know if you’re here & what you think I should attend! #sxswi
  4. On Thursday I took some time to really explore further outside of the city by bike.  This involved massive hills, rope swings & some flat tires.  An awesome day and having the bike proved to much more than a perk but a real necessity for getting around SXSW quickly.
  5. That afternoon, I hunkered down & really tried to sort out my agenda.  Only somewhat successful at planning out days of panels & parties, I opted to head downtown for the Startup Crawl. This was a great event! Well organized shuttles carted SxSWi pre-gamers to various hotspots in the ATX startup scene.  In 2012, it boasted 40 companies and 3,500 party goers! I was amped to start off the weekend making so many new connections! I went back to the hotel filled with optimism for my first SXSW experience.
  6. There is a MASSIVE line to see #grumpycat. (Like the real cat) art by @bobalgreene. @ Mashable House
  7. SXSWi | DAY 1 | Friday

    The next morning I made an early arrival at the convention center to scope things out.  I had some things highlighted on the schedule but was prepared to be flexible. I soon had assembled a group of attendees interested in the same marketing panel located north of the convention center & we arrived by foot.  As not many options existed that day, I quickly learned my first SXSW lesson: Arrive _WAY_ early & even then sessions fill up.  That brought me to my first pivot for the show:  focus less on a rigid schedule & more on meeting people. 
  8. Food, music & people at the #sxswi #tacomeetup is so good! Good to meet you chinchilla3000 & #clude @…
  9. I had registered for the taco meetup in advance & made my way back towards Cesar Chavez for what I knew would be an amazing assortment of tacos.  Live music alleviated some of the bummer from steady rain.  Despite the rain I trekked back west to give attending another panel a go. I encountered a line wrapping an entire city block. Highlights that afternoon included Mashery’s Circus, meeting some of the guys from Over app & stopping by, Austin’s first coworking space,  Conjunctured.
  10. After some recharging, I got ready to head over to the Palmer Events Center for the Frog Design party.  My new exciting routine of meeting lots of new people continued & Frog really threw a great party.  Not only was it packed but it had heaps of outlandish extras like the Snake Bike above & a zen garden tended by a robot.
  11. SXSWi | DAY 2 | Saturday

    Who is this man?  It is Scott Henderson of Hypepotamus, a fellow ATL attendee!  At first he didn’t recognize me as I was rolling in from my second big ride outside of the city.  Scott helped organize the SXSW ATL Startup Bus.  Talk about traveling in style!
  12. I’m seeing Brand Fans, the New Brand Marketers at SXSW 2013…
  13. My first introductions on Saturday were with some marketers in the cosmetics & fashion industry. I found myself attending an interesting panel  with Pepsi, Frito-Lay & Facebook represented.  I made some new contacts from Tennessee & we teamed up in search of lunch & they introduced me to even more people.  We encountered a food truck literally out of food & luckily was pinged by my recently arrived colleagues just sitting down at a spot on Congress.  Again, having my bike made getting around very easy!
  14. Finally met up with some of my @bignerdranch peeps candynecklaces jubyred & Jason! #bignerdranch #sxswi @…
  15. I headed south over the river to meeat up with Jami, Shannon & Jason.  I picked up flyers to pass out for our Gypsy Caravan Party that Monday & talked overall Big Nerd Ranch strategy for the show. I spent time that afternoon in the Startup Village & ended up on T3’s amphibious party in Lake Austin.  Having mostly winged it for Saturday, I resolved myself to sticking to more of a schedule Sunday!
  16. SXSWi | DAY 3 | Sunday

    Several people have asked me for the Wow moments of the week.  And at first I came up empty handed as the highglights seemed much more end to end a flowing experience than a collection of brilliant moments.  But now in hindsight and reliving the days through these images, Tina Roth Eisenberg’s keynote even surpassed Al Gore’s in my humble opinion.  Check it out (and the recap rap) here. The Venn above & Godin quote below resonated both with me & my many of my instagram followers.