No Brakes GIF II

Goin Steady.

Big Euro Asia Order coming in this week with lots more on the way. As always, let us know if you have specific needs or desires.  We’ll get you want you want!

Also, expect Swobo goods, including complete Sanchezs, in our shop around the end of the month! We’re going to be GA’s only Swobo Dealer and we are real stoked!

Those bikes will have been worth the wait!

We hope everyone is beginning their planning and training for FM’s Third Annual 24 Hr. Race! We will be playing a big part in this year’s event, complete with a totally separate fixed gear Omnium!  Our event will include skids, trackstands, running a package and more!

Get Ready!


The start at No Brakes!
The Rock Start @ No Brakes
Team Hess Dogs rider: Stacey, second female overall, first and only fixed female
Jason, first fixed and first overall won a pair of rims courtesy of No Brakes!

The Rock was a crushing race and a huge success! Here are some pictures taken by Jes and her write up of the  final standings. This was the second race we have sponsored and it was EPIC! Hopefully we can find some pictures from the top of Stone Mountain or during the crippling climb. Props to Jes and SOPO for putting such a unique and rigorous challenge together!

Drop in or drop out!