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Rapha Festive 500 2011 | Day 6 | 62.9 Miles

Day 6 was originally going to be maybe 20 mile or so.

Riding began with me meeting my family at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

I didn’t want to deal with changing so the touring shorts & merino boxers made perfect sense.

Little did I know the day would end with another 100k tacked on.

#rapha500 heading down to visit @66fixed

After lunch at Frenchy’s in Clearwater, I decided to head south on the Key.

Maybe swing towards St. Pete and visit Michael & Carol at 66fixed.

It was a slow cruise.  As it often does, the route included drawbridges.

I never mind watching the boats move along.

Boats slow traffic more than bikes. Honk at them.

I stopped at this kitschy aquatic scene.

I’d never get anywhere if I stopped at every random Florida style signage that caught my eye!

#festive500 #day6 #extracredit

At around sunset I rolled into 66Fixed.  Minute later the instagram comments I had gotten made sense.

66 is closing!  Michael & Carol have decided to move on from the a bike shop biz.

But, they’ll be staying in the industry!  Look out for more updates on what they do next.

Damn! @66fixed IS closing for good! Buy for bigger and better things! Good luck michael!

I’ve been visiting this shop every trip to Florida since 2007 and will be bummed to see it go!

I am excited to see them move on to the next chapter and wish them both all the best!

If you’re in the market for ANYTHING.

Call or email the shop now for deals on components, frames etc.

Gonna miss this shop!

Hell, he might let these Cinelli angel bars go!

Angel bars @cinelliUSA

My route back up to Largo was chilly & dark on the Pinellas Trail.

I met up with my family at the park to check out the lights and saw Florida’s only snowmobile.

Or is that a Sea-doo?

Check out more photos here and day 5’s write up here. Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge!

Tacked on another 100k. #festive500 In other news, @rapha_n_america will Kristian or Stephan win!?

A visit to 66fixed in St. Pete

Had a blast tonight with the 66fixed crew

Every time I make it down to Florida to visit family, I always make sure to stop in an check on Michael at

66Fixed.  He opened this shop right around the same time the shop I co-owned did and we have never

had a shortage of topics to discuss throughout the years. So many thing shave changed since 2007 and…

The Shop

…so many things have stayed the same. The bike scene has changed tremendously since 2007 yet the

basics stay the same.  But somethings, like the few Aerospokes hanging in the shop, really symbolize

the changes. Amazing how those even feel retro! 66Fixed has adapted easily over the years to meet

demand & done well! It’ll always be one of my favorite shops to visit & hang out in.

The atmosphere & eye candy better each time.

There’s always more stuff to peruse, lots of people stopping by and did I mention lots of stuff to peruse?


The vibe in the shop is more like one that’s been open for decades yet it still has its ear to the ground for the

latest trends of what to carry while not overlooking the daily essentials that all types of riders will need.

Also in stock are two legendary brands that get lots of real estate in 66Fixed: Cinelli & Dolan.

Both brands have become staples for the streets of St. Pete.  And, I gotta say, the riders have good taste!


Speaking of good taste, look what West Coast immigrant turned bike shop proprietor’s sequel is in stock!

Death Pedal 2 by Kareem Shehab of Loose Nuts Cycles was front and center on the counter. Awesome.

Death Pedal!

Another indicator of this shop’s history is this impressive collection of spoke cards race all over that have all

been sponsored and/or sponsored by Michael. Peek the FM.24.07 next to the dude humping the unicorn.


In stark contrast to recent alleycat memorabilia are treasures from all eras and disciplines of cycling.

Even those espousing accolades of world champion Modolo brakes. Because you gotta slow down to win!

so much character

Also pictured above is one of the shop’s latest jersey designs.

In fact, 66Fixed has several full kits to choose from & they all look great.

Back to the bikes, below is Michael’s carbon Dolan he rode on the toughguy ride.

New Carbon Dolan

Outside was yet another indicator of the shop’s varied clientele.  The bikes inside & outside the shop

spanned the gamut of not only the fixed gear scene but commuters, roadies, CX , MTB and more!

66Fixed has certainly become an invaluable resource for all local rider and i wish Michael many more

years of continued success!  I hope to stop by once more while I am in town. Otherwise, he needs to bring

his Dolan up the DLV.  Maybe at next year’s 24 Hour Race… If there is one?!

those 26s?

If you are ever in St. Petersburg, Be sure to stop by!

The shop

Follow 66Fixed on twitter @66Fixed and at 66fixed.com Check more photos of the shop here.

Tough Guy Tuesday Ride at 66fixed

The bike glows too

Above is Mike Hall of  Citrus Sports Cycling, he was one of the several riders who braved the weekly

Tough Guy Tuesday Ride put on by Michael at 66fixed.  This ride was predominantly single speeds

but all geared REAL tall (we’re talkin 90′ and up), also outfitted mostly with brakes and all drop bars.

I didn’t know beforehand how heavy duty this ride would be or even that it garnered the toughguy moniker.

Tuesday Night Tough Guy Ride

It started off calmly enough, twisting through downtown St. Pete.  Slowly we began to gain speed…

Tuesday Night Tough Guy Ride

Leading out above is Michael Davis the owner of 66fixed.

He was one of few riding brakeless and the only guy on a smokin carbon Dolan!

more scenic

We crossed over the water over by Coffee Pot Drive.  Still cruising steady enough for me to admire the

mansions and scenery as we headed north and picked up the pace.

Almost all the riders were on track bikes

Shortly thereafter a proper paceline formed.  I started to really get a feel for how the other riders handled

their bikes and felt quite comfortable as each rider took his turn pulling.  The tempo consistently

increased without any yoyoing nor squirrely swerving.  There wasn’t much talking but a lot of spinning.


Bringing up the rear in the peloton above is Shaun repping House of Common way out in Vegas!

The whole night was straight TT style. We had an 18.6 mph avg over 33 miles with a 32 mph max speed.

Some sections included miles of 26+ mph.  Imagine miles of hillless headwinds, seldom lights and ape’n it!

This guy was on like a 54x15

Above is Bob Croslin, who though pushing a whopping 53×16 still felt “spinny”.  WTF?

These guys were machines.  Though one by one the pack thinned and by the time we got back to the shop,

it was yours truly, Bob above and the two riders below. All on track bikes but me on my Kazane road rig.

On the flats gears gave me no advantage over the perfect pounding cadence of a track bike.

Only 4 riders were in the lead group

Ultimately I was very impressed with this ride! The riders were all super friendly and even waited up when

I had a flat and beforehand when a guy had an issue with his rear wheel.

Once we all met back up at 66Fixed we all traded stories from the ride and thanked one another for

valiant pulls, congratulations for brutal sprints and how beers were drank once guys pulled off.

Post ride

A welcoming atmosphere paired with soul crushing exertion should be hallmarks of any training ride

and I will be sure to roll in this one anytime I am in town! More on the shop here. Thanks again guys!

I rolled on the "tough guy Tuesday" ride